Dear America: Why Won’t Authorities Release FL School Shooting Surveillance Video?

Written by K. Walker on February 28, 2018

We’ve know what OUR opinion is. What’s yours?

There is a lawsuit in the works demanding the release of the (outdoor) video security footage of that infamous day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School.

But Sheriff Israel is fighting it. He thinks that footage is NOT covered by Florida State ‘sunshine laws’.

Some citizens demanding answers think differently about it.

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Is Sheriff Israel ‘protecting security’ or covering his backside?

Much has changed since the day that Sheriff Israel stood on national TV and blame-shifted his departments may failures onto lawful gun owners, as though some homeowner with a rifle in Wisconsin or single mom with a CC permit in Oklahoma somehow shared culpability with the muderer who shot dead 14 students and 3 teachers in Florida, and wounded many others.

It’s harder for him to use members of the NRA as human shields to hide behind.

At some point, he’s gotta face the music for his department’s failures and (more importantly) his PERSONAL failures.

Here’s what we thought about CNN and Sheriff Israel using those kids as propaganda pieces:

The Left is using traumatized kids to push for gun control, but we can’t see the surveillance footage?

That is messed up.

The sheriff claims it might compromise security.

Compromise security of what, a building that is now slated to be demolished? Seriously?

That’s a swing and a miss, there Sheriff.

Any other reasons we shouldn’t see that tape?

Could it possibly be part of his response to this?

“The failures of Sheriff Israel and his deputies during and after the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, and their failures to intervene regarding Nikolas Jacob Cruz in the years, months, and days leading up to that shooting, are unacceptable and unforgivable,” Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran wrote Sunday in a letter to the governor signed by dozens of House Republicans. “As a result of Sheriff Israel’s failures, students and teachers died.”

The letter, along with news from Gov. Rick Scott that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had decided Sunday to investigate the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s handling of the shooting, reflect a dramatic reversal of fortune for Israel, arguably Broward County’s most powerful elected official.
Source: Tampa Bay Times

The Tampa Bay Times sheds a little more light on the Sheriff himself:

He took heat for hiring political allies and childhood chums after becoming sheriff in 2012 and for failing to report that a campaign booster paid for a yacht cruise and party after his first election. After Esteban Santiago shot up Terminal 2 at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Israel’s own department found that law enforcement caught the shooter in seconds but had led a half-confused response that bogged down the airport for hours.

But this is different. This isn’t just political, it’s also personal.

Israel has incredibly close ties to the school. While Deputy Scot Peterson waited outside the freshman building as Cruz killed 14 students and three faculty, Israel’s personal friend, Aaron Feis, rushed inside to stop the shooter and died trying.
Source: Tampa Bay Times

So, if we understand that report correctly, failures of action and leadership for which Sheriff Israel is ultimately responsible were directly connected to the death of a personal friend who — having no gun of his own — showed more heroism and protective instinct for those children than any one officer in his department?

You don’t think he’d be strongly motivated to find a reason — any reason — for the public to pin blame on somebody (anybody) besides him? Otherwise, how could he live with himself?

He bragged about his ‘awesome’ leadership, after all. And now the whole country knows he spent taxpayer money to wrap his own damn face on the police cars.

In 2015, Israel wrapped decals of his face on five taxpayer-financed sheriff’s office cars, Ingraham reported.

She said they were dubbed “Israelmobiles,” and were often driven by members of a “community outreach team” allegedly staffed by his campaign supporters.
Source: Fox

He’s all about the CYA. And now, the public wants to see the video evidence of his department’s failure to act on that day 17 people died. Any ‘secrets’ he may be trying to protect (except evidence of leadership failures) have already been revealed in the information that’s already in the public record.

But images are powerful things. And a screen cap of a deputy cowering behind a wall could really hurt any reelection plans he might have.

Sheriff Israel is fighting the release of that video every inch of the way. Maybe that has somethign to do with why #SheriffIsraelResign was a popular hashtag.

What do you think? Should we see the footage?

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