It’s Official: Papa John’s Officially Finished With The NFL

Published on February 28, 2018

Huh. Does this vindicate the founder?

Remember how the guy who founded Papa John’s gave the NFL brass hell for the stance they were taking on the kneeling protest? He said it didn’t just damage the NFL’s brand, it was tarnishing HIS brand in the process because of the Sponsorship deal as ‘official sponsor’ of the NFL

The Ratings at the NFL cratered all year long.

One example:
Week 10 Of The NFL Was BRUTAL! – Look What Goodell Is Now DEMANDING

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Even the Super Bowl took a ratings hit. Depending on your source, it was the lowest in either 7, 8 or 9 years.

Are they going to give the founder, John Schnatter, an apology? Are they going to beg him to come back to the company he founded?

Because the company’s ‘leadership’ ousted him from his own company for speaking bluntly about the financial harm the NFL’s anti-anthem take-a-knee protest had on Papa John’s.

Doug Giles had something equally blunt to say about the Candy-asses who made that ridiculous decision here:

The pizza chain’s bottom line was hurt. Why? On account of their relationship as an official NFL sponsor. People who want to get the attention of someone on TV tend to make their voice heard by boycotting sponsors. And patriots pissed off by the

What part of this is even controversial?

If anyone still cares about the NFL, the new sponsor is Pizza Hut.


Was Pizza Hut ever really all that great anyway?

It’s hard to boycott a brand you never purchased in the first place.

Maybe that’s the point.

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