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Hey Leftists: Breast-feeding Transsexual Used A Banned Drug To Lactate … Is That Cool?

How do you confuse a Leftist? Put his pet causes in conflict and make him decide.

In the Red Corner… we’ve got a Male-to-Female Trans. Who wants to nurse a baby.

As the world rang in a new year on Jan. 1, two medical professionals quietly announced they had made what was once an impossible dream a clinical reality. Thanks to the work on induced lactation in transgender women by Dr. Tamar Reisman and nurse practitioner and program manager Zil Goldstein at the Mt. Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, a transgender mother was not only able to breastfeed her child, but to be the baby’s exclusive food source for its first six weeks of life. This is incredible news for families. As Reisman tells Romper by email, creating a standard of care that supports breastfeeding in transgender mothers is key to ” building happy, healthy, transgender families.”
Source: Romper

[The article went on to speak matter-of-factly about how Transgenders had been using underground DIY hormone therapy. So, clearly, the health of the patient was kind of a crapshoot.]

So they were celebrating this ‘win’. But hold on, there’s a twist.

It has to do with the drug they decided to use.

Domperidone is not currently a legally marketed human drug and it is not approved for sale in the U.S. On June 7, 2004, FDA issued a public warning that distributing any domperidone-containing products is illegal. FDA also issued an Import Alert instructing FDA field personnel to detain shipments of finished drug products and bulk ingredients containing domperidone, and refuse admission into the US. FDA took this action because of the concern about the potential serious health risks associated with the use of domperidone by lactating women to enhance breast milk production.

The serious risks associated with domperidone include cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, and sudden death. These risks are related to the blood level of domperidone, and higher levels in the blood are associated with higher risks of these events. Concurrent use of certain commonly used drugs, such as erythromycin, could raise blood levels of domperidone and further increase the risk of serious adverse cardiac outcomes.
Source: FDA

This pill is being used to produce breastmilk. Milk to be consumed by an infant. Let that sink in.

Why? Because of the dopey conceit that there is such a thing as a ‘right’ to breastfeed even if your body lacks the natural capability to do so.

So to support that conceit — whatever your opinion of trans-genderism — is to literally put the adult’s happiness above either his/her health, or the baby’s well-being.

They are literally risking both lives. And for what? So that ‘mom’ can brag about having successfully nursed a baby? To have the ‘full’ female experience?

So, Trans activists have obviously been hailing this as a win.

But where are all those people who wanted BPA taken out of baby bottles because it was harmful the baby? What happened to that Monsanto Franken-food crowd?

Are you out there? Are you ok with this?

Isn’t there some point at which you acknowledge that your worldview isn’t even consistent with itself?

We’ve all wondered for a long time, but it looks like medical science has finally determined the problem.

It’s spreading like a plague. For some reason, Liberals are losing their ever-loving minds.

Trump Derangement — and Romney Derangement before that — and Bush Derangement before that are only the tip of the iceberg.

What is driving them so berzerk?

Looks like we’ve found an answer:

A liberal walks into the hospital and asks for an X-ray of its skull. Doctors confirmed what we already feared. Here’s the sad diagnosis…

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Don’t worry. There’s one for the guys, too.

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