The Left Would Call This Young Man A ‘Terrorist’ – We Think He Was Raised Properly

Published on February 19, 2018

*** Clashdaily Guest Contributor Cal McNabb ***

This is my 19-yr-old with his AKM semi-auto that he saved his own money up to purchase working a full-time job.

One of the things we enjoy doing as father and son is going to the range together.

This is a powerful, high-capacity weapon. It is not a toy. He can take it apart, clean it, put it back together, and safely and effectively use it.

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Many people will be horrified that he bought it on his own and has sole, unsupervised possession of it. I am not. I sleep like a baby across the hall from him every night.

How can I do that? Why am I so at ease with my teenager owning this weapon?

Simple- I am his father, and I RAISED him. I raised him to respect and value life. I raised him to treat others with respect and dignity. I raised him to fear and honor the Lord.

I didn’t get his mom pregnant and then abandon him and her.

I didn’t fail in teaching him traditional values. I gave him truth on a daily basis to combat the lies the liberal society is feeding his generation.

I didn’t fail to discipline him when he needed it.

I was never either of my kids’ friend while they were young. I was their father.

We don’t do moral relativism in our household. We believe that there is right and wrong.

We don’t do entitlement in our household.

We don’t do victimhood in our household.

We bow our heads during prayer.

We stand with respect during the National Anthem.

We believe you should work for what you have and don’t begrudge others who have been more successful.

There’s much more, but I think you get the picture.


The things above are what enable me to sleep like a baby across the hall from him with his rifle(s) in his room. I know he’d effectively defend his family against a threat in the middle of the night, and never harm an innocent person.

The adults have failed the past couple of generations of kids.

The culture from the 1960s-forward has devalued marriage and the traditional family structure allowing kids, particularly boys, to be raised without active, present fathers, susceptible to the lies of this liberal, entitled, narcissistic, perverted, morally-relative, anything-goes society.

That’s why we have all the school shootings. Society is raising confused, mentally- and emotionally-stunted kids.

Blaming it on guns is further denying the responsibility of the adults who failed to raise their kids right. It’s much less work and effort to point the finger at Big Daddy Government and say, “Fix it!” than to do the hard work of self-responsibility and fixing families.

Kids at my school had rifles and shotguns in their vehicles parked in the school parking lot every day and I never felt afraid of that. I never heard a student threaten to shoot another. Kids settled their disputes with words, and sometimes their fists, but never with guns.

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