Masturbation Kills 100 Germans A Year – Here’s 4 Methods You Should Definitely Avoid!

Published on February 8, 2018

They are amusing themselves to death — in some really creepy ways. Christmas decorations? Cheese? What is WRONG with people?

High-risk behavior, including sexual behavior, isn’t exactly ‘new’.

Like the naked guy at JFK who was arrested after crashing his truck while high on meth and having sex with another dude.

But moving into risk-taking that’s potentially lethal is next-level creepy.

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This isn’t ‘fell off the balcony’ risk-taking either. It’s cutting off oxygen flow to the brain kind of risk-taking.

You guessed it.

The big culprit is auto-erotic asphyxia. Some well-known people have died from that, including politician from the UK.

Other known autoerotic cases include American actor David Carradine, who was found strangled in a closet in 2009, and INXS singer Michael Hutchence, who was discovered strangled by a belt in a hotel room in 1997.
Source: Mirror

What could possibly motivate someone to be so stupid?

Dr Voss says while it is hard to comprehend, the feeling of powerlessness and enhanced sense of danger are some of the reasons people risk embarrassment, injury and at times death for the euphoria which has been equated to a drug-induced high.
Source: Mirror

Oh. They’re looking for ‘a high’.

Think it’s just a guy thing? Nope.

But women, being more cautious by nature, don’t wind up as victims as often as men.

What did they do?

— They used plastic bags over their heads.

— They used cheese.

— They used chains.

— They lit themselves up with Christmas lights.

And they wound up dead.

No kidding.

Dr Voss reports one man, in Hamburg, is believed to have suffered from an autoerotic death […] covered himself with sliced cheese, pulled pantyhose over his upper body, put on a raincoat and a diving suit and then sat down with a plastic bag over his head in front of a heater that was switched on.

In another case, a woman discovered her son’s lifeless body with Christmas tree lights clamped to his nipples. He had been electrocuted.
Source: Mirror

Gee, who would have thought that introducing an electric current across your chest could have negative implications for a beating heart?

In one example, a man was found suffocated in the cellar of his home in Hesse having apparently tied chains around his body and neck.
Source: DailyMail

The scary thing is how many people they say are NOT being reported accurately due to embarrassment by the family members that find their loved ones … that way.

Who really wants to announce to the world that their loved one died because he’s a clumsy pervert?

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