Screw Jaws – Here’s The Water You Don’t Wanna Swim In (Video)

Written by K. Walker on February 8, 2018

When you see what’s in the water, it makes you think twice about getting in.

Just one of these little beasties can take a good chunk out of you.

But they travel with friends.

Watch as a man tosses a hunk of meat into piranha-infested water:

They are vicious.

Check out the quick work they made of this fish:

Over the summer, a group of tourists to Brazil were attacked at several popular resorts. Many have been angered that they were not warned of the threat of piranha attacks.

Bathers in Brazil have been savaged in a wave of horrific attacks by piranhas scavenging for food near popular holiday resorts.

Scores of tourists have complained to local authorities are not doing enough to warn of the threats of shoals of the predatory fish.

Last Saturday a young woman had a chunk of flesh bitten out of the sole of her foot by the omnivorous six-inch red-eye species after swimming off the Praia de Cristo in north east Brazil.

That’s one helluva a way to ruin a vacation!

The 22-year-old was rushed to hospital suffering from shock and heavy blood loss from the open wound.

She is the sixth person to be attacked by white piranha in the region this month and one of over forty since the beginning of this year.

If I could choose between massive blood loss and the airline losing my luggage, I’d take the loss of the luggage.

Daniele Cardosa, a 28-year old that was vacationing with her husband and 5-year old daughter nearly lost a toe.

She had been in a shallow area of the water for just a few minutes when she felt the bite. At first, she thought she had stepped on something, but when she lifted her foot, she saw blood and a piranha dropped off. She then noticed other fish nearby so she ran out of the water. The bite was so deep that it went almost to the bone and Cardosa says that she nearly lost her toe.

The saleswoman said the area, popular with families and young children, has had numerous reported attacks but tourists were not being warned to stay out of the water.

She added: ‘I was shocked to discover I wasn’t the first person affected when a waiter rushed over carrying a first aid box and told me loads of other people had been bitten.

‘It’s outrageous that local restaurant owners gave us no information about the threat of piranhas and there are no warning signs put up by the local authority.’
Source: Daily Mail

Cardosa recovered, lodged a complaint, and was considering legal action against the Petrolina local authority that is responsible for the area.

Of course, their appetite and their strong jaws make fishing for them pretty easy.

What would you do?

Let us know in the comments.

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