Obama Just Blamed Social Media For Subverting Democracy – We Blame Him

Written by K. Walker on February 27, 2018

America is polarized, he said. And look where he’s throwing the blame for that.

No, really, Obama. Continue to shower us with your ‘wisdom’.

Remember that ‘secret’ (off the record) speech Obama gave to MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference? It wasn’t as ‘secret’ and ‘off the record’ as we were first told.

Describing the sites as a ‘hugely powerful potential force for good,’ he added: ‘What’s also true is that our social media platforms are just a tool.

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‘ISIS can use that tool. Neo-Nazis can use that tool.

‘I do think the large platforms – Google and Facebook being the most obvious, Twitter and others as well, are part of the ecosystem – have to have a conversation about their business model that recognizes they are a public good as well as a commercial enterprise.

He continued…

‘They’re not just an invisible platform, they’re shaping our culture in powerful ways.’

Obama also addressed how Americans today live in ‘different realities’ where they not only have ‘different opinions, but different facts.’

And it isn’t just the spread of fake news by Russian-inspired bots, he said, but media organizations like Fox News and The New York Times editorial page that ‘do not describe the same thing.’
Source: DailyMail

Sounds a little bit like a call to action, doesn’t it? He’s saying the threat is on the political right. As in, pay no attention to the political left… not even the violent and racist ones.


Off the record.

Gee, what could he possibly be up to?

Did you catch what he said there about media?

Do not describe the same thing. Right. But NYT and CNN actually DO describe the same thing. And how many times have they had to issue corrections and retractions? How many close connections do they have to highly-placed Democrats?

This is the guy who weaponized the IRS to stop the Tea Party movement (which he referred to by a sick sexual slur).

His lackey Ben Rhodes bragged — BRAGGED! — about how easily the ‘legacy’ media was duped into becoming an echo chamber parroting White House talking points.

What about the absolute silence of the lapdog Media(D) when a very long and thorough report detailed to us how the Obama administration pumped the brakes on the prosecution of terrorists and drug cartels connected to Hezbollah (including huge shipments of cocaine destined for US cities) so they could swing that Iran ‘Deal’. (And yes, some of those pallets of cash Obama flew to Iran did wind up in Hezbollah hands.

And Obama’s nudging social media to algorithms MORE aggressive against Conservative voices?

Have you noticed how many Conservative sites have closed their doors? They’re doing a pretty good job of that already.

If you’re anywhere to the Right of Lenin, chances are, you’re being throttled back.

The good news is, there are some ways around having your favorite sites, and ours is hopefully among them, from getting squeezed out:

‘Social Media’ Is Removing News From Your Newsfeed – Here’s How You Can Take Control

Obama took a potshot, too, He just can’t help himself.

Obama issued another thinly-veiled insult at Trump when he noted that his White House survived eight years without a major scandal.

He said diversity in his administration was partly responsible for the lack of drama in his administration.

‘We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us,’ he said, adding that while his staff made mistakes, none of it was major.

‘I know that seems like a low bar,’ he added, prompting laughter.
Source: DailyMail

Diversity in his administration? You packed the government with activists. Lack of drama?

Not. Even. Close.

You arrested some shmuck in the middle of the night to scapegoat him for Benghazi while lying to the face of the families who came to greet the flag-draped coffins.

You tried to rig the Israeli election. You told Russians you would ‘have more flexibility’ after the election, and you did everything they could have possibly asked for, short of reviving the Warsaw Pact.

Withdrew missile defense from Europe, sat on your hands while Russians bribed their way into owning Uranium.

On and on it goes.

‘No scandals?’

I think you mean you had a ‘willing accomplice’ — echo chamber, if you prefer — in the media who helped you maintain the appearance of being scandal-free.

That’s ok…

Investigations are ongoing. We’ve got groups like Judicial Watch doggedly digging into all kinds of these things.

The mask is slipping, Barry.

It’s a matter of time.

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