Shocker: Free Speech Is Vindicated — In California!

Written by Candace Hardin on February 8, 2018

A California Judge has struck a blow for free speech rights in a case involving a baker and whether or not she has the right to refuse service to a client, based on her religious preferences.

Like the famous case in Oregon involving a same sex couple where another baker refused to create a cake for their ceremony, the bottom line of the issue is free speech.

Unfortunately, this case did not receive a favorable ruling from the suit or the appeal. The bakers were found to have discriminated against the couple and fined $ 135,000.00.

The California case ruled in favor of the baker in as much as the cake calls for something she had not yet created; she could not be compelled to create or sell it.

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Why is it the trend to try and squelch another person’s opinion, or right to have their belief systems has come into the spotlight?

From the left, it is an infraction that calls for being called any number of ugly labels if anyone dares to disagree with their theory or ideals.

Free speech is supposed to go both ways. Either it is a right or it is not.

The First Amendment guarantees American Citizens the right of free speech. There is no clause or addendum that specifies to whom this right is given and to whom it is denied.

Society has become so intolerant of certain views and overly amenable to others.

Perhaps, if the couple in Oregon had gone to the bakery requesting a cake for the number of their guests without bringing up their history, it would not have been such an issue.

It is unclear as to how the cake was ordered, but too much information could have been presented.

Many look to harass those whose beliefs are different than their own, or tend to overshare the situation. They may be looking for validation, or approval that may not be forthcoming. Others may desire special attention and do things that will draw it to themselves.

The time has come to try and get along. All the posturing and profiling is doing nothing to advance anyone’s cause.

Contriving to make every single action and reaction political is not productive either.

As in the NFL controversy about the National Anthem and the Flag, current actions are not a positive way to protest against alleged injustices.

There are many other ways to affect social change.

First, if one is a millionaire, get out your checkbook. There are plenty of people and projects that need investment.

Second, if one is not a millionaire, make use of your time. Volunteer and show your altruism!
There is no lack of those in need who could use a helping hand.

The courts are trying to settle petty differences that adults used to handle between themselves.
This is a dangerous precedent and should not be necessary.

photo credit: Excerpted from: Mina Magiska Bakverk (My Magical Pastries) Vintage wedding cake via photopin (license)

Candace Hardin
Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.


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