Watch: Cops Release Video Of Philly Scum Raiding Store After Super Bowl Win

Published on February 7, 2018

Watching this video, and a lot of other nuttiness from out that way, it might be time for Philly to adopt a name OTHER than ‘city of brotherly love’.

Don’t you think?

The fans over in Philly have a funny way of celebrating a win — they decided to destroy their own damn city — and Doug Giles had a few things to say about it.

But the police had a few things to say too.

Important messages like ‘help us identify the idiots in this video’:

Video of people raiding a convenience store following the Philadelphia Eagles​' Super Bowl win

Police release video of people raiding a convenience store following the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl win.

Posted by Sports Illustrated on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Becuase swarming into a store to smash it up and rob it blind is such a ‘loving’ act — totally worthy of the Philly name.

After all, it’s not just ‘the man’ or some faceless corporate ‘suit’ they are hurting. It’s the family that owns it. It’s the single mom taking extra shifts to make ends meet. It’s the student trying to better himself and open up new doors of opportunity.

But all these losers are thinking about is the Free Sh*t they get to walk away with.

Look at the moron taking video of himself — while committing a crime.

He’s probably live-streaming it. That’s called ‘evidence’.

This isn’t celebrating. It’s looting. It’s one hell of a way to become internet-famous. And not in the sense that makes you rich, either.

More in the sense of ‘you’re going to get caught’. The whole world sees you for your stupidity now.

Let’s hope none of your career plans require you to have a clean criminal record. Because that’s over now. Let’s put it in terms someone from Philly can understand:

And for what? A ‘free’ bag of chips and the thrill of doing something you know is illegal?

Those chips (or whatever else they grabbed) are about to become the most expensive decision some of them have ever made.

It looks a little like this:
PHOTOS: Watch What Happens To This St. Louis Looter – It’s Delicious

(Make sure you read the story in the link, too. It’s the key life lesson their moms (and dads, if they have one) failed to teach them.)

Speaking of relevant life lessons — here’s another one:

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