WATCH: Father of Girl Killed By MS-13 Gang Destroys The Dems For Their Disrespect at SOTU

Published on February 1, 2018

Could the Democrats’ TRUE priorities be any more obvious?

At one point in the SOTU address, President Trump took a moment to pay his respects to two young girls who are part of the story the press refuses to tell.

Related, Doug Giles weighed in on Dems sitting on their hands for the SOTU:

Two young — black — girls were murdered by a local gang in New York. But there was something different about the murderers in this particular gang. They were foreign-born and came over as unaccompanied minors.

The press would normally call such people ‘Dreamers’. They are routinely lionized by Kimmel, Acosta and Schumer alike.

And that was the tension in the room that kept the ‘Resistance’ Democrats from paying honor to the memory of these brutally slain young girls. Brutally is no throw-away word here:

Kayla and Nisa were students at Brentwood High School in September 2016 when they were bludgeoned to death with bats and hacked with machetes by MS-13 gang members, authorities have said. Six alleged gang members have been indicted on federal charges in the slayings.
Source: Newsday

Nisa was slain the day before her 16th birthday. In the most gruesome way imaginable.

And her parents were asked how they felt about the Democrats not standing up.

That’s right — when the memory of these two girls was being honored, the Democrats were weighing the political cost of clapping for something — anything — Trump did.

They sat silent.

Why? Becuase if they stood up, that would be perceived as being critical of their beloved ‘Dreamers’. And they have nailed their colors to the mast on the Illegal Immigration issue. There is no turning back now.

So standing up, to acknowledge that two beautiful young girls would upset their DACA narrative about every one of them being America-loving honor students, or whatever. It would admit that it was the very same non-citizens they keep defending that murdered them. That would be a bad look for them.

He rejected the notion that Trump exploited the tragedy to advance his political agenda — emphasizing violence by MS-13 gang members, many of whom are in the country illegally, in order to garner support for his plans to overhaul immigration policies and build a Mexican border wall.

“Nobody uses my family. That’s something that I won’t allow,” Mickens said. “As far as his political gain, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. He doesn’t need political gain.”
Source: Newsday

And what did he say about the Dems sitting on their hands? He didn’t appreciate it. He particularly noticed the Congressional Black Caucus failing to stand, and found not just ‘very disrespectful’ … which he did… but he also found it hurtful that they didn’t show respect for his loved one.


At what point will the American public wake up to the fact that elected officials are more committed to preserving the interests of those who are NOT citizens and who CANNOT elect them than they are to the very voters who sent them to Washington in the first place?

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