Watch: These Two Bro’s Dust The Dweebs Who Say Masculinity Is ‘Toxic’

Written by Doug Giles on February 1, 2018

Watch the ‘Toxic’ Masculinity clods get crushed like a Prius under a Monster Truck.

If you’re sick of all things masculine getting picked apart and scapegoated at every turn, the latest installment of Warriors and Wildmen is the show for you.

Not only do these guys embrace the ‘Testosterone Fog’ … they make a rigorous defense of why a well-run society absolutely NEEDS the very masculine men the PC police love to hate.

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Some shrink weighed in and said that so-called ‘toxic masculinity’ is creating loneliness because latte-sipping soy-boys aren’t fitting in with the alpha dogs.

Yep. Society since the dawn of time has created natural pecking orders of leaders, followers, and outsiders — those who didn’t want to play by the group’s agreed rules. We see it in people, we even see it in the animal kingdom.

But this shrink doesn’t like it. So, rather than giving these effete boys some tips on how to man up and fit in, they went the other direction. Shaming the rest of us for not being ‘inclusive enough’.

Doug and Rich stomp that line of thinking like a narc at a biker rally.


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