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News Clash

Watch: Girl Claims There Were 2 Shooters During The Valentine’s Day Massacre – What Do You Think?

The specific details she’s giving are NOT chalked up to your usual ‘fog of war’ confusion.

By default, we’re always skeptical of ‘grassy knoll’ kind of reporting.

In any life-or-death situation, adrenaline runs high. People are fearing for their lives. Details are mis-remembered or remembered through the emotional fog of the moment.

Then we have the ‘x-files’ stories, taken from what is often thrown under the heading of ‘fog of war’, and sensationalist Monday-morning quarterbacks combing through footage looking for a reflection in a window, or weird noise in the cell footage.

That’s not what we have here.

This student — Alexa Miednik — claims she was talking to the guy they arrested… after shots were being fired.

She’s not even claiming Nicholas was innocent — she made a flippant remark to him about having expected his involvement.

She’s calling him a ‘second shooter’.

Doug Giles weighs in on the question of ‘what can be done’ in situations like this here:

Here’s the local news — who filmed Alexa’s comments, and were one of the first on scene because their sports guy was reporting on nearby Spring Training — reporting about student reactions, including hers.

What do you think?

Did cops get the wrong guy? Was there a second shooter? Or do you have your doubts about the story?