Watch: This Is What Happens When You Outlaw Spanking – Unreal

Published on February 12, 2018

Somebody call an exorcist… these folks needed him yesterday.

At first, we thought this was one horror show of one kid.

But no. This is a whole smorgasbord of bratty, whiny kids who ought to be too old for a full-on tantrum.

Look at the mouth on that first little brat. And daddy doesn’t have the stones to put him in his place. Look at him trying to negotiate with the little monster while he is in full tantrum.

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We all know how OUR dads would have dealt with a situation like that. Firmly, and with finality.

Listening to him, suddenly Pelosi’s 8 hours of droning doesn’t seem quite as bad. Still insufferable, mind you. It’s just less likely to do permanent damage to the ears than this little punk’s lungs.

This is what happens when you make it illegal to spank your kids. Welcome to the next gen. Warning: graphic language.

Posted by Survive Our Collapse on Monday, January 8, 2018

[Editor’s note: The source video goes dark but keeps running after the footage ends.]

Kid is telling daddy ‘no YOU go to your room’.

The kid is demanding — with plenty of expletives — that he stay home from school and get all his electronic toys.

And dad is putting up with it. Just filming it.

Well, on the upside, if this tantrum tornado ever kicks dad in the groin, it won’t really hurt him.

But it’s not just one little junior. Oh, no. It’s one after another after another. (One of them — we kid you not — was named ‘Clinton’.)

And we all know how this story is going to end, don’t we?

Instead of a good spanking, grounding, menial chores and the forfeiture of any of life’s little pleasures … these kids will probably get a hefty dose of meds.

They need to get off their asses, put down the iPod and get outside. If they’ve got so much energy, why the hell are they sitting around the house?

Whatever happened to ‘go outside, and don’t come back until dark’?

That by itself would go a long way to curing these kids from being such whiny little prisses.

And maybe enrol them in a school that implements the recess policy that has been helping so many boys in Texas stop needing any of those emasculating ADHD meds. (See related story:)

TX School Eradicates ADHD With This ‘Old Fashioned’ Cure

And the dads could read this — both for themselves and as a how-to for raising boys that won’t suck.

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