A Mouthy Police-Protesting SF 49er Gets Busted For Domestic Violence And Illegal Weapons

Published on February 12, 2018

So much for the NFL hitting a new record ‘days without an arrest’ streak.

If these guys care so much about ‘justice’ and ‘women’s issues’ you think they might try, you know, obeying the law once in a while.

Nope. Not these guys.

And who was right in there with Kaepernick at ‘ground zero’ of the ‘take a knee’ fiasco?

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Rueben Foster. He must deeply care about all those issues they cared about, right?

Hand on heart. What a ‘patriot’.

Wrong again. It was his second arrest in a month.

What a ‘role model’.

So, what were the charges?  Something silly like jaywalking or something?

Not this guy.

Domestic violence?

Assault weapon? As in… Full Auto?

Of course, the team doesn’t have an official ‘zero tolerance’ policy for domestic abuse. It will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

What’s the matter, afraid you won’t be able to fill your roster if you go zero-tolerance?

Yep. It’s more important to have someone who can suit up than it is to have someone who can be an honest citizen.

Maybe that’s why McMahon will be making a clean criminal record a requirement for playing in his league.

I don’t care HOW much you can press, if you’re trying to prove that you’re a ‘real man’,  beating the crap out of a chick is NOT the way to go about it.

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