Brace Yourself: Here’s All The Data Big Tech Has On You

Written by K. Walker on March 28, 2018

At this point, Santa could have big Tech compile those naughty and nice lists… they know enough about you to do it anyway.

It’s almost enough to make you look up one of those tin-foil hat guys and apologize for calling them paranoid. Chances are, they’re off the grid anyway, so good luck even trying.

What these guys know about us — information that we have all-too-easily provided them — make Orwell’s dystopia look almost quaint by comparison.

Big tv on your wall, watching you? Guess again. It’s in your pocket, and you take it EVERYWHERE with you.

How much do they really know? The Guardian gave us a list:

Where Have You Been?

Google knows. They can track all the places you’ve been, by your Apple, Android, or Computer, and it can pop up on a map. You may have seen a story last year explaining how it knows where you go (specific addresses) and how you’ve gone there.

It can even differentiate work, home, and other places you travel.

Says Google:

You can see how far you travelled and the way you travelled from place to place, like walking, biking, driving, or public transportation. Whether your timeline measures distances in miles or kilometers is based on your country.

Want to find out what it has stored about you? Follow the steps, here.

Of course, there’s more.

Search History
Your entire search history. (Yes, even many you thought you deleted.)

Because it stores info across multiple devices, you could still have your ‘deleted’ history resident on some device you forgot all about. Which means it wasn’t deleted after all.

Look up (and manage) what they have about your searches, here.

Your ‘Profile’

Are you a cat person or a dog person. Outdoors-y or a homebody? Fitness buff, or couch potato? What are your politics and favorite movie genres? Hobbies? Whether you’re a white collar professional, a struggling student, or just a regular working stiff? It knows that, too.

They know a lot more than you think about that sort of thing. They’ve got an entire profile built up about you.

You can look at it here.

What OTHER treasure troves of YOUR information do they have, and where can you find it?

They know the APPS you use, how you use them, and with which other people… (check yours out here.)

Think you could name everything you’d ever seen on YouTube? You could ask Google to help with that, too.

Here’s a scary quote:

Manage to gain access to someone’s Google account? Perfect, you have a diary of everything that person has done

What do they mean? You can get the ENTIRE history they have on you in a mega-massive file, equivalent to millions of written pages.

Imagine THIS falling into the wrong hands:

You can see (and manage) that here.

And that’s not even getting into the FB side of things (see the Guardian article for the rest of this crazy mess.).

And they’re pointing a finger at Cambridge Analytica?

The real problem is bigger than that. Especially now that the FEDS have taken an interest.

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