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BREAKING: Look Who’s Getting Investigated By The FTC – Knocking Billions Off Their Value

You might say the World’s Youngest Billionaire is having ‘a bad day’.

When the stock graph is almost vertical to the red, that’s not a good thing — at all.

Buying those full-page ads in NYT and other big papers to say ‘I’m sorry’ Mea Culpa didn’t seem to have helped.

Facebook is taking a hit in right in the reputation. They can’t afford to coast on being ‘cool’ anymore.

Especially now that the FTC is involved.

Ouch. That’s ugly. And it’s likely to get worse from there.

The Federal Trade Commission has an open investigation into Facebook’s growing privacy scandal, it revealed Monday.

The regulator’s acting director, Tom Pahl, made the announcement in a statement which immediately send Facebook’s share price plunging.

He also raised the prospect of a massive fine for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network because it had entered into a consent decree in 2011 about the use of personal data and any breach of that can be punished by the regulator.

If the FTC finds Facebook violated terms of the consent decree, it has the power to fine the company thousands of dollars a day per violation, which could add up to billions of dollars.
Source: DailyMail

Does your grandpa go off on paltry politicians, whether they be Democrats or Republicans? Does he get misty eyed when he talks about God and Country and America’s future? And have you ever heard him scream, ‘Awww … Hell no!’ when Rosie O’Donnell starts yapping on television? If you answered yes to one, or all of the above, then your gramps will love Doug Giles’ latest book, My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass.

Don’t be fooled by the title — this ain’t just for Grandpa.
The Snowflake Generation — and the rest of America — needs a good ol’ dose of ‘Grandpa wisdom’.
Especially if that Grandpa is Doug Giles.
You’ll love My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass just as much as Grandpa will.

What makes America so different from other nations? Other nations are built around regimes or systems. But America was built from on ideas. From a blank slate.

Built on ideas that are DANGEROUS to tyrants.

That we have God-Given Rights, like Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dangerous ideas. Like this one: the people, when threatened, have a God-Given right to stand up in defiance of any government that dares threaten any of those rights.

There’s a men’s version

And a women’s version, too

Because in America, the bros AND the ladies BOTH have a rich history of badass rowdiness.