BREAKING: Armed Resource Officer Shoots & Kills Maryland School Shooter

Published on March 20, 2018

This has a much happier ending than the last school shooting we saw.

So far, no loss of life has been reported.

*Update 15:03 EST*

The 16-year old girl that was shot was someone that the shooter had a ‘prior relationship with’ and the heroic officer that stopped the shooting did so within one minute of the initail shots fired.

St Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron said Rollins and the female victim had a ‘prior relationship’ but he couldn’t comment on the ‘extent’ of that relationship or whether it played into the motive.

A 14-year-old boy was also hit with a bullet, before the school resource officer intervened and brought the bloodbath to an end in just one minute.

Cameron says the heroic officer, Blaine Gaskill, fired a shot at Rollins ‘almost simultaneously’ as the shooter fired as well. First aid was immediately initiated, and Rollins rushed to the hospital, where he died of his wounds at 10:41am. It’s still unclear whether Rollins died from Gaskill’s shot, or his own. Gaskill was not injured in the shooting.

The two students who were injured were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but their conditions have since improved.
Source: Daily Mail

*End Update*

*Update 11:30 am*
At 10:41 Eastern, the shooter was confirmed deceased at the hospital.
The school resource officer apparently fired the round that took down the shooter. Shooter injured two students, one male, one female, the female student is presently in critical care at the hospital.

Identities to follow…
*End Update*

Here is bystander footage of the police arriving on the scene, and they are in a hurry.

One student on site was on the phone with CNN, giving his impression of events there.

He does say that he didn’t witness the event, and was obviously speculating about the details, but cops were on the scene very quickly.

It becomes clear that he only has hearsay descriptions of events to go by.

This student’s description seems more like an eyewitness, but she didn’t phone in like the other guy:

Here are what the official reports we have so far are telling us:

While the particular details still seem to be in dispute we can say this:

The Sheriff has stated that the school is on lockdown, and the situation is ‘contained’.

Students are not presently in danger and are being moved to another school. That other school is where parents and kids will be reunited.

That much of the story is pretty clear. Other details of the event are less certain.

They include:

Local news description of the shooter:

A man was injured in a shooting Thursday afternoon in Great Mills, Maryland, and authorities describe the shooter as an African-American man wearing all black and possibly a orange or red knit cap/mask.

Officers found the 27-year-old man with a gunshot to the upper body, and investigators say he was taken to a regional trauma center for treatment.
Source: WJLA

Reports had fluctuated from zero to three injuries.

Police have since confirmed that three have been brought to the hospital with injuries. Fortunately, as we said, there are no fatalities reported.

Of those three injured, one is the shooter.
And as mentioned in the update earlier, the shooter died from his injuries.