Busted: Look What This Teacher Did To A 14yr. Boy – Should She Go To Jail?

Published on March 1, 2018

Get ready for another example of the Left’s quadruple standards.

When the teacher abusing a position of authority and trust like this turns out to be male, the public grabs their torches and pitchforks, and demand the pervert’s head on a pike.

When the teacher is FEMALE, there is a much different reaction.

There are smirks, giggles, knowing glances, references to Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher’…

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The student isn’t treated like someone who got molested, so much as someone who ‘got lucky’. A lot of people don’t think it’s abuse. They think it’s funny.

Where’s the #MeToo crowd on this issue?


Stop and think of the outrage you felt when THIS newsmaker sent sexually explicit texts and photos to a young teen.

How ‘Carlos Danger’ was mocked and reviled for being a scum-sucking dirtbag. A dirty old man who had to prey on little girls.

The entire nation — both parties — treated Anthony Weiner like a pariah.

And we were right to do so. Because what he did was inexcusable.

So why do we treat a guy differently than we do, say, a female teacher?

Stephanie Peterson, 26, who is also accused of sending the boy naked selfies, was arrested yesterday morning in New Smyrna, Florida, after the boy reportedly confided in his parents.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office claim Peterson, whose married name is Ferri, picked the 8th grader up from his house and the two would allegedly then spend hours together in private.

The teenage schoolboy also claims the teacher also bought him marijuana and “a bowl to smoke it in”.

The school district says Peterson has now resigned from New Smyrna Beach Middle School.

During interviews, it is claimed the teenager told investigators it all started when she started sending him images of herself in a state of undress.

Source: Sun

Here’s another photo of her posing in a bikini while fishing.

So, how seriously are we taking this #MeToo movement? There have been quite a few teachers (many of them female, and even married, like this one) who have violated their position of trust and authority.

Maybe people think it’s ‘harmless’ to male kids?

Here is a judge’s ruling concerning a teacher convicted of the same thing in Canada, with some victim impact details.

In August, Quebec Justice Valmont Beaulieu stated the obvious when he addressed the double standard in the treatment of teachers who have sex with students: “The sexual exploitation of a male adolescent by a female teacher must be punished just the same as a male posing the same actions toward a female adolescent,” he said before sentencing Tania Pontbriand to 20- and 18-month jail terms to be served concurrently, plus two years probation. The former high school gym teacher from Rosemère, Que., had been found guilty of sexual exploitation and sexual assault of a male student with whom she had a two-year relationship.

The trial made headlines internationally. Its details, by turns tawdry and disturbing, revealed how the then 30-year-old Pontbriand acted as mentor, confidante and sexual aggressor to the 15-year-old. She gained the trust of the teenager, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, when they exchanged intimate details during a 2002 school cycling trip. He described the pain he felt after his parents’ divorce; she told him her marriage was a mistake. When the student returned home, he told his mother he had a “new best friend.” Pontbriand initiated sex with the boy soon after on a private trip approved by his mother to help him with his problems; it was the first of some 300 sexual liaisons that took place on school trips, private getaways, at his home and her home. The teacher bought the boy a cellphone after his mother tried to shut down communication between the two. Evidence shown to the court included coded messages left in the student’s locker and gifts such as the engraved dog tags the teacher gave the student after their first sexual encounter: “BFF. Best Friends Forever. 19-05-02.”
Source: Macleans

This is the point in the story where people want to give the student high-fives and thumbs-up and fist bumps, for having lived a fantasy held by many a teenage boy. But was it truly ‘harmless’?

In a written statement, the student stated that Pontbriand ended it after he entered CEGEP, saying she’d met someone new. He went to police in 2007 after being expelled; later he claimed the relationship left him depressed and suicidal. The victim, now in his 20s, said a psychiatrist helped him understand he’d missed out on normal dating rituals. Pontbriand, now a mother of two, alienated him from family and friends, he said, “so as to satisfy her own egotistic and sexual desires. I was far too naive at the time to recognize her lies and manipulation.” The judge agreed: “The court is convinced that the accused used the victim to satisfy her own sexual needs, thus exploiting the victim’s naïveté, his lack of maturity, his dependence and his trust.”
Source: Macleans

That doesn’t seem harmless at all.

It’s abuse.

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