Gun Control Debate: Where Being An Adult Does Not Mean Being An Adult

She is considered an adult at 18 years of age. She can act without her parents’ approval.
She can-

get a job
rent an apartment
get a driver’s license and buy a car
travel anywhere she wants
register to vote
open a credit card account
approve her own medical procedures
join the military
choose her sex partners
start a business
sign contracts
have an abortion
go to college
take out school loans
buy a house
become a teacher in Florida at 18
become a police officer in Florida at 19
take out a mortgage
get married
have children

… because those are the things that young adults do.

Yet we tell her that she is too young to own a firearm to defend her family, even though young adults are the most likely victims of violent crime. And if she does own a gun, then we’ll try her in court as an adult.

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One thing is clear. Our young adults are more mature than our politicians.


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Image: CCO Creative Commons; Excerpted from: AnnaKovalchuck;

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