Hey, Hollywood: Roseanne’s Pro-Trump Sitcom Picked Up For Another Season – Watched By 19M People

Written by K. Walker on March 31, 2018

Why so popular? This show might actually do more to heal the divisions in America than 10,000 activists or politicians ever could.

There was a time — before we all split off into our little ‘bubbles’ — that movies and tv served as sort of a common language of the nation.

Before internet streaming, before TV on demand, before a thousand channels, and megaplex cinemas, we had a couple of choices, and we all came together around them.

‘Roseanne’ is giving us a chance to relive that.

The Connor family is back, and they’re kicking ass in the ratings.

Roseanne returned to television on Tuesday night and the ratings were huge.

So huge in fact that less than 72 hours after the show’s first episode in almost 11 years, the family sitcom has already been picked up for another season.

The season 10 debut for the ABC series was watched by 18.44 million viewers, making it the biggest premiere of the season.
Source: DailyMail

As someone who watched it, here’s why the show works.

It starts with an ordinary family, not the ‘rich and beautiful’ types that make people dissatisfied with their ordinary lives. They’re struggling to ‘make a go of it’ like so many of the rest of us.

Complaints about their ‘white privilege’ are off the table, because nobody would possibly envy their station in life. And yet, they’re happy. (-ish).

They have a home, strong opinions, a lot of love and laughter.

They aren’t afraid to take on big issues, including things like ‘identity’ politics and the ‘unfriending’ that happened after the last election. Or ‘boomerang’ kids coming home again after life gave them a curb-stomping.

It’s good storytelling, with complex characters, not lame stereotypes.

It’s a family — in it together, whatever may come their way.

Kind of like America, huh?

A few more shows like this one, and maybe our polarized country will be able to pull it together again.

Before the activists manage to completely divide us.

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