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Initiative In This State Requires The Surrender of ‘Assault Weapons’ – It’s Time To Move To Texas!

When the state that you live in starts to infringe on your rights like this, it’s time to move.

The left is absolutely obsessed with gun control.

These are the same people that think that the police departments are places of ‘systemic racism’ and that white cops shoot innocent black people for sport, despite the preponderance of evidence against this.

Yet, they don’t believe that civilians should own guns.

It’s also obvious that most of these people pushing for gun control have never seen a gun in real life let alone held one.

A new bill is pushing gun control in Oregon.

An initiative petition to ban assault-style weapons would require gun owners to dispose of certain legally obtained semiautomatic firearms within 120 days of when the law takes effect Jan. 1, assuming the measure makes it on the ballot and is approved by voters.

The chief sponsors of Initiative Petition 42 — a group of Portland religious leaders — filed the five-page text for the proposed ballot measure Monday. The text was released Tuesday.

“The people of the state of Oregon find and declare that a reduction in the availability of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines will promote the public health and safety of the residents of this state,” the initiative petition states.

Source: Portland Tribune

The new law would restrict semi-automatic rifles and pistols that have the capacity for a detachable magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Watch as Gov. Kate Brown (D-OR) sign the bill:

How will this ‘keep guns out of the hands of criminals’ exactly?

You do realize that criminals break the law, right? That’s actually the defining characteristic of a ‘criminal’.

So… Oregonians can’t carry ‘assault weapons’ in a largely rural state where 60% of residents live in the Portland area.

What about the 40% of the population that lives outside of the Portland-area?

Do they not have a right to defend themselves?

Yes, they do.

If this stupid bill passes, might we humbly suggest relocating to another state where you won’t have to deal with this kind of Bullsh!t.

Just be up-front, tell the wussified Oregon Democrat lawmakers that they can shove their ‘gun control’ where the sun doesn’t shine and go to hell because you are heading to Texas.

 Effeminization Of The American Male

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When it’s time to pack up and move on, even Col Davy Crockett knew where his next destination should be.

“A gentleman from Nacogdoches, in Texas, informs us, that, whilst there, he dined in public with Col. Crockett, who had just arrived from Tennessee. The old bear-hunter, on being toasted, made a speech to the Texians, replete with his usual dry humor. He began nearly in this style: “I am told, gentlemen, that, when a stranger, like myself, arrives among you, the first inquiry is – what brought you here? To satisfy your curiosity at once to myself, I will tell you all about it. I was, for some years, a member of congress. In my last canvass, I told the people of my district, that, if they saw fit to re-elect me, I would serve them as faithfully as I had done; but, if not, they might go to h__, and I would go to Texas. I was beaten, gentlemen, and here I am.” The roar of applause was like a thunder-burst.[Louisville Journal.]

That sums up the Texan Spirit beautifully.

And now, you can wear it on a shirt.

Ladies, get yours here.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the Gents:

Get yours here.

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