Question: Who’d Win In A Fight Between Trump v. Biden?

Published on March 22, 2018

It takes zero courage to talk smack about someone who’s not going to make you put up or shut up.

Biden knows it wouldn’t ‘be Presidential’ for Trump to take up the call to ‘meet him after school’ so to speak. So he speaks with the confidence of a coward’s courage.

But suppose they weren’t a couple of ‘statesmen’ (if Obama’s almost-invisible toady truly deserves to be honored with that term), what about Biden’s trash-talking then?

Not once, but twice, the former Veep claimed that he would be happy to pick a fight with Trump over some of what he’s said.


Which is weird, since he never seemed to mind all the horrible things Obama said about “tea-baggers” (a homosexual slur) or bitter clingers, or Bill Clinton’s actual sexual misconduct (and probably rape), nor Hillary’s endless lies about ordinary Americans.

No… he would want to take a swing at Trump. Well, he would if he was in high school. Actually, he was too cowardly to even mention him by name. But he’s got the ‘stones’ to go toe-to-toe, right?

And would he be willing ‘ballsy’ enough to also call Bill Clinton the ‘fattest, ugliest guy in the room’? And give back every dime that Weinstein either donated or helped to raise?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

How do you figure that matchup might end?

Here’s the President’s reaction to Biden’s trash talk:

Can somebody tell us what kind of a delusional p-ssy plays ‘what-if’ games about how he “might” handle a situation today — if only he were more than fifty years younger than he is now?

There is a part of us that wishes Biden were stupid enough to take a swing at him.

We think WE know how that would turn out. But what about you?

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