Reverse Racism: Reporter Ousted From Michelle’s Event For Violating ‘Black Girl Code’

Published on March 24, 2018

Who knew there was such a thing as a ‘black girl code’?

How does this fit with ‘they go low, we go high’ and ‘tolerance’?

Apparently, someone broke the rules at a blacks-only event.

Yes… you read that correctly, and no… you didn’t somehow wake up in 1950.

Robin Givhan, a journalist for The Washington Post, caught hell for doing her job.

And as punishment, the pulitzer-prize winning reporter could no longer attend the conference.

During a blacks-only “Leading Women Defined” conference earlier this week hosted by Black Entertainment Television, the hosts booted a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter after she apparently disrespected this year’s star guest, former first lady Michelle Obama, as reported by Page Six:

The network had invited the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan to its syntactically questionable “Leading Women Defined” conference in Bal Harbour, Fla., but then demanded she leave after she published her article, claiming that Obama’s talk had been conducted in a “sacred space.”

Givhan — the Washington Post’s fashion critic, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2006 — posted a piece Wednesday quoting Obama discussing her campaign experiences in 2008: “I couldn’t count on my husband’s campaign to protect me; I had to protect myself.” …

When BET brass saw the story, they kicked Givhan out and canceled a panel she was due to moderate.
Source: Downtrend

They dare to claim THEIR side are the ‘defenders’ of the ‘free press’?

What a bizarro day we live in.

Michelle Obama was invited to address a conference. Normal enough, right?

It’s especially ‘normal’ when we realize that she’s addressing a black-only crowd. That fits right in with that unintelligible fever-dream thesis Michelle wrote.

Robin Givhan wrote a story about it. Which apparently was a violation of some kind of a code. Because it was a “sooper-sekret” black-only meeting, billed as a ‘safe space’ some people are complaining that everything was ‘off the record’.

No, it’s not.

It was a public conference. Reporting on it is absolutely fair game.

But that raises another question.

Let’s play the shoe-on-the-other-foot game.

Switch out one famous polarizing figure for another. Let’s say it was Sarah Palin instead of Michelle Obama.

Let’s say it was an exclusive group of white women.

And let’s say that a journalist caught hell for telling the world what was secretly discussed there. Would anyone be stupid enough to rally around some kind of white ‘code’ as an excuse to bully a journalist into silence?

If the answer is ‘no’, then why is it acceptable for such a ‘code’ to exist the other way?

Whatever happened to ‘e Pluribus Unum’?

Whatever happened to that dream MLK talked about?


That was ‘then’. Now, it’s 2018. And people obviously have different priorities.

As for ‘breaking the code’? Valerie Jarrett and BET had no problem breaking it and didn’t catch hell for it, either. Gee, wonder why not?

“The network posted sections of the interview on its website, while Valerie Jarrett, who conducted the chat, teased on social media that fans should ‘tune in to BET’ to hear all that Obama really said,” noted Page Six.
Source: Downtrend

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