Watch: CNN Taps Caitlyn Jenner To Inform America How Tricky Being A Woman Is

Written by K. Walker on March 13, 2018

It’s this kind of thing that makes many people label CNN as ‘Fake News’.

CNN decided that a great person to discuss women’s issues on International Women’s Day is none other than the Glamour Magazine ‘Woman of the Year 2015’ — Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.

Really, CNN?

I guess they’re just trying to check all the right identity boxes and trying to grab that transgender demographic. You know, if they did manage to grab all of the viewers from the estimated 0.3 percent of the population, it would really give them a huge boost in ratings.

CNN decided that they should focus on the experience of a man becoming a woman to discuss women’s issues.

We know that all the nutty intersectional feminists are going to go apesh!t over this, but well, biologically, Jenner is a man. The male DNA is just not going to change. Jenner can never really be a woman.

Jenner can never understand what it’s like to be a woman.

But that doesn’t stop Jenner from sharing that ‘women are raised to be kind of second-class citizens‘ that were raised to be ‘emotionally weaker‘ and ‘physically weaker‘ but Caitlyn has always admired ‘strong women‘.

And hey, who’s stronger than a woman that grew up as a man that won a gold medal in the Olympics, amirite?

Jenner made a quick video to discuss what it means to be a woman because that’s what we need to do in 2018 — completely deny science — in order to be ‘tolerant’.

Jenner says that the ‘path to womanhood’ was different than the usual pathway. Of course, it was! It included surgery, hormones, a new wardrobe, some makeup, and complete denial of biology.

Look, adults can do what they’re going to do. Jenner lopped off ‘little Bruce’ and became Caitlyn — that doesn’t mean that because Jenner suddenly feels like he’s a she that I have to alter my perception of the nature of reality.

Jenner wants to change his name and his pronouns, wear a dress, endure the torture of high heels, and get gender reassignment surgery — whatever. I think it’s stupid, destructive, and a sign that there is something very broken in Jenner’s identity. Jenner’s 68 and can make decisions for him/herself.

I guess that it’s only fitting that it was ‘International Women’s Day’ — a day created by Socialists to push their agenda — that Caitlyn Jenner is celebrated as a ‘woman’.

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