Watch: Hillary Goes Stone Cold When Asked About Ivanka Being 1st Female President

Published on March 20, 2018

Now THAT is funny.

Look who’s using her ‘world tour’ to build up some glass ceilings of her own?

Hillary used Bill’s power, political clout and wealth (and, if you believe certain reports, quite a lot of pay-to-play) to launch and sustain her own political career.

She never faced any serious opposition in political office until Obama (and then Trump) beat her out. Even the Primaries were given to her on a platter… and we have since learned why.

When the time came to run for office against a real opponent, she didn’t have that ‘royal jelly’ people talk about.

‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask?’

Sorry Hillary. It was obvious to all of us that you were obviously desperate at that point. Because with all the help she had from the media, a real contender would have been that far ahead. And you weren’t, because you suck.

But you were all about “hope for young girls”. You were  “for women in leadership”.  You were “for breaking glass ceilings”.

One interviewer asked Hillary what about “President Ivanka”?

Suddenly, all her girl power rhetoric evaporated, and SHE started building up a glass ceiling for Ivanka.

That’s one of her soy-boy superfans calling her the voice of their ‘resistance’ movement.

We respect Ivanka, her grace, intelligence and accomplishments. But we’re not really thinking about rolling out the red carpet to make yet ANOTHER Amerian political dynasty. Especially since Ivanka’s ideas are a little further Left than we would like to see.

That said, given a choice between an ‘inexperienced Trump’ in the White House (who seems to be doing just fine thank you very much, despite continual efforts at distraction and disruption by the hard-left and their surrogates in the bureaucracy) and a brazenly corrupt Hillary, or her DNC accomplices? We’d take Ivanka, thanks.

We’ve already seen Hillary’s moral character, and she’s shown more “fatal moral missteps” than she has trips on stairs. And that’s a lot of trips.

She still believes it was hers to lose. And that she was robbed.

Let her live in her fantasy. It’s the only thing she has left.

Even her party has turned its back on her,  and has decided to … ‘move on’ (dot org).’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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