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Watch: ‘Do You Want Men In Women’s Bathrooms’ Video Is Causing A Big Stir – Do You Like It?

Does this video go ‘too far’ or is it ‘right on the money’?

It’s a question nobody would have even THOUGHT to have asked until the day that making a distinction between sex and gender started ‘trending’ among social activists and social media.

Men’s rooms and Ladies’ rooms were pretty self-explanatory, right?

And with the possible exception of a nasty couple slipping into a stall to ‘do the deed’, it was socially unthinkable for men and women to transgress the boundry behind that gender-specific sign on the door.

To even do so by mistake is an occasion for public embarrassment.

That has all changed.

Why does anyone care? Is it because men are intimdated by the possibility of a biological woman walking into the men’s room? Nope.

It was from our instincts to protect the physically smaller and often weaker women from predatory biological males.

Is it relevant? If we believe the studies, then sure it is.

A survey of roughly 3000 trans women showed that at least 60% were attracted to womenWiki

Many of the people ‘identifying’ as women would still — if examined by a coroner’s definitions, rather than a psychologist’s — be described as fully male.

Add to that, access to bathrooms, which are — by design — away from the public eye, and the study’s discovery that these people, who are still biologically male, have functioning wedding tackle and an attraction to women.

This is exactly the dynamic that gender-differentiated bathrooms were set up to mitigate against. People in a state of semi-nudity, and away from the public eye, in a position where someone with a strength advantage might be tempted to become sexually aggressive.

At root, the concerns have nothing to do with identity, and everything to do with safety.

Add to that the opportunism of sexual offenders (trans or otherwise) suddenly being able to simply claim they identify as female as a cover by which they can gain access to restrooms, and endanger those inside.

In a ‘MeToo’ generation, the only real shock is how vigorously people object to this.

If they need some place to pee, they can all come over to the men’s room. It’s not like we’re afraid of you. But don’t we owe it to the women and ladies to keep them safe from predation?

Where are all those Fake Feminists on this issue?

If they were HONESTLY pro-woman, and not just cogs in the wheel of radicalism,  you’d expect that they’d be all over this.

But let’s face it.

They sold out as cogs in that wheel long ago, haven’t they?

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