Will ‘Roseanne’ Reboot’s Monster Success Actually Wake The Liberal Elites?

Written by Kevin Fobbs on March 30, 2018

Heartland America has a new television star who has actually been around since her 1988 show debuted 30 years ago. Roseanne Barr, sent monster shockwaves throughout the liberal cultural elite when this Trump supporter’s Roseanne show reboot netted 18 million viewers for her show’s March 27, Tuesday night debut this week. Does it mean that the nation’s heartland has a Red State television hero its families can watch?

Just think about it for a moment and ask yourself when was the last time that there was ever a television show character that in the last eight years said anything positive about any Republican, conservative or Christian. Imagine, the name President Donald Trump came up in a television show discussion and was not the butt of some lame joke, or derisive comment.

During the eight-year Obama administration, millions of conservatives, Christian, and yes working-class whites were the targeted punching bags of television shows and late-night comedians. The Obama White House and its race baiting occupants gave the green light to liberal Hollywood executives and the mainstream media to target 2nd Amendment, Christians, Whites in red sates, and all Republicans with negative, marginalizing, dismissive comments in shows and storylines.

But something happened on November 8, 2016. An earthquake of biblically historic proportions occurred. Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Suddenly, the Deep State, liberal mainstream media pimps and the entertainment industry in Hollywood received a wake-up call. The Heartland of America flexed its muscle and the liberal, garbage-talking media pundits with their predictions of Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Oval Office was decimated by the “Deplorables” in the nation’s flyover states.

On November 9, while Hillary and millions of her snowflake supporters were crying into their lattes and hiding in their safe places, the New York Times reported that, “a dozen ABC executives gathered at their Burbank, Calif., headquarters to determine what Donald J. Trump’s victory meant for the network’s future.”

It appears that somewhere in the eight-year reign of Obama, the Hollywood elites had believed the Obama hype and took their eye off the ratings. Millions of viewers in the red states had left their shows. Part of this can be reasonably tied to being subjected to nightly, liberal, negative rants from network TV characters who spoke of them as being mindless, unintelligent buffoons. These viewers decided to vote against this drivel by tuning out.

So, at the end of the ABC Burbank, California meeting at ABC’s television group headquarters these executives had a “Come to Jesus” moment. Ben Sherwood, president of Disney and ABC’s television group, said, “We looked at each other and said, ‘There’s a lot about this country we need to learn a lot more about, here on the coasts,” reported the New York Times.

Bottomline, the then president-elect had tapped into a voting market that these programming executives had willingly ignored because the Obama/Hillary tag team felt that their liberal biased intolerance of heartland America was reality. Yet, their version of America was not shared by thirty states and 63 million American voters. Their version of America had cost the Democrat party over 1,000 elected state and local offices over eight years.

Now, at least for the moment, it appears that the Roseanne show makes it fashionable and acceptable to show a struggling Midwestern family that is white and not shown to be a joke. The numbers back this up. The red-state strategy of the Trump campaign tracks with the show’s success. The show’s top television show markets were Cincinnati; Kansas City, Mo., and Tulsa, Okla. While Liberal television markets like New York and Los Angeles did not crack the top 20.

Image: CC BY-SA 3.0; Excerpted from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Roseanne_barr.jpg

Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.