Wuss: Look Who Unfunny Jimmy Kimmell Blames For Rancid Oscar Ratings And Try Not To Laugh

Published on March 7, 2018

Jimmy “Tears of a Clown” Kimmel found himself a scapegoat. Do you buy it?

The cratered ratings couldn’t be a reflection of his horrible MC skills, or the haughty moralizing of a group of multi-millionaires whose personal lives are best known for infidelity and rehab, could it?

Perish the thought.

Kimmel thinks the audience didn’t tune out because they were bored by a supposed comedian who apparently fired his comedy writers and replaced them with Chuck Schumer’s speech writers. Nope. Not that.

It was someone else’s fault. (Isn’t that always the case with a Leftist?) But whose fault was it?



Just like that NFL ratings collapse was because of nine or ten things that had absolutely nothing to do with the take-a-knee thing. No really, that’s what he’s blaming.

“The truth is,” Kimmel said, “every year since Netflix happened, the ratings are down for every big TV show: the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Emmys, the Golden Globes.”
Source: John Nolte, Breitbart


This is a straight-up falsehood. Before Sunday night’s Kimmel crater, the previous record low was all the way back in 2008, a few years before Netflix’s streaming service really took off. Moreover, Oscar ratings actually increased between 2013 to 2014, from 40.3 million viewers to 43.7 million viewers. So to blame Netflix for your failure is simply anti-science.

Moreover, Sunday night’s ratings drop was not part of a trend; it was a flat-out crash, a collapse of 20 percent — an implosion, where only 26.5 million viewers tuned in, compared to 33 million the year prior. What had been an incremental ratings drop, starting in 2015, turned into a debacle on Sunday.
Source: John Nolte, Breitbart

Weepy Jimmy tried to call Trump a narcissist during a monologue where he discussed the news of the day. What news of the day did the crying clown deem significant?

His OWN gig at the Oscars of course. But wait, there’s more! His OWN twitter war with the President, too.

You bet, Jimmy. Nothing in the entire country provided news of the day as spellbinding as what YOU had PERSONALLY done in the previous 24 hours. But you are calling Trump a narcissist. Brilliant.

Jimmy, you were funnier back when you were reading cue cards for Win Ben Stein’s Money. If you ever find that guy, bring him back. Maybe people could laugh at your jokes again, instead of laughing at you personally.

You may think that an audience cheering as you take daily T-ball swings at political enemies is proof of your mad skills as a comic. Hopefully, you’re not dim-witted enough to know they are cheering for nor greater reason that you are “goring the right bull”.

You are a trained seal and you don’t appear to have a single thought in your head beyond what would pass full approval by Hollywood PC censors, and Democrat flacks.

True comics are supposed more than that. And that’s the real reason people are tuning out.

It’s also the reason you won’t dare move beyond your hard-left politics and tired Trump jokes.

The fans who have stuck around, have done so for the ‘red meat’ yo throw them. If that ever stopped, they would realize you have nothing to say worth laughing at.

Worse still, nothing to say worth even remembering.

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