Boycott ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Petition Crawls Over 170k Sigs After Jimmy Mocked Melania

Published on April 9, 2018

That cheap laugh may be more costly than Kimmel could possibly have imagined.

Blasting all thing Trump is the ‘national pastime’ — at least among the coastal elites and the media and press.

Usually, it’s throwing red meat for their base, and nobody really pushes back.

But ever since that Laura Ingraham Boycott, people on the Right have been pushing back. Whether you are, personally, a fan of boycotts or not, it’s certainly an understandable response in light of the bully tactics we’ve seen again and again.

And now Kimmel’s pushed things a little too far.

It used to be that late-night guys would make jokes, but they were not mean-spirited.

It was bad enough that he was mocking Melania’s accent as she was reading to children on Easter.

But when Hannity called him out for it, Kimmel couldn’t resist. He hit back with an obscene rant about Hannity, and Trump, and erections and various homoerotic jokes that don’t bear repeating.

What happened after that?

People got sick of Kimmel’s arrogance. The rainbow crowd wasn’t happy with him using homoerotic slurs. And the Right didn’t appreciate the hits at Melania, or the sexual digs, either.

Boycott The Jimmy Kimmel Show For Mocking And Attacking Our First Lady Melania Trump

PROGRESS – 174,013 signatures
(Goal of 50,000 Signatures)

[UPDATE: WE HIT OUR GOAL! We are now shooting for 200,000 signatures before sending this to ABC.
Source: Petition

Oh, he gave an apology. Sort of.

He mentioned the gay community and directly apologized to them. He addressed Sean Hannity and Melania less directly, and didn’t ‘quite’ apologize to them, other than to say he had gone ‘too far’ with his vitriol.

For some, that may be enough. Others may turn him off. Some have decided to petition the company.

How about you?

What’s YOUR reaction?

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