Cali Bans Nat’l Guard From Following Trump’s Orders On The Border – Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on April 17, 2018

Jerry Brown is all-in on his open borders policy, his game of chicken has gone to the next step, bringing the National Guard into it.

If it isn’t bad enough that ICE enforcement is thwarted at every step, they’ve gone bigger. They’re trying to hamstring the National Guard.

It was perfectly OK when the Previous two Presidents did exactly the same thing. But now he’s protesting Trump and grandstanding on the illegal immigration issue.

The guard was called up shortly after it became an international story that large caravans of ‘immigrants’ were migrating North through Mexico with every intention of hopping the Southern border.

California has rejected the federal government’s initial plans for National Guard troops to the border because the work is considered too closely tied to immigration enforcement, two U.S. officials told The Associated Press.

The state informed federal officials it will not allow its troops to fix and repair vehicles, operate remotely-controlled surveillance cameras to report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol, operate radios and provide ‘mission support,’ which can include clerical work, buying gas and handling payroll, according to officials with knowledge of the talks who spoke condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.
Source: DailyMail

In short, they’re trying to throw a wrench into anything Trump does on the border issue.

Is that a Constitutional move on Brown’s part? Nope.

§ 2-2.2 Permissible and Impermissible State Regulations

States may not usurp the federal power over immigration. State attempts to regulate concurrently in a field already occupied by a federal statute have been struck down under the doctrine of preemption. In Hines v. Davidowitz (1941), for example, the Court held that the Federal Alien Registration Act preempted Pennsylvania alien registration provisions. Under the preemption doctrine, federal law in a specific area may even preclude consistent state regulations.
Source: Human Rights Library — U of Minnesota

But ‘legality’ isn’t exactly stopping the State that has hired an illegal immigrant to a State post.

The governor’s commitment allowed Trump to boast support from all four border-state governors and helped put the president above the lower end of his threshold of marshaling 2,000 to 4,000 troops that he wants as a border security mission to fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

But the Democratic Brown conditioned his support by insisting that California’s troops have nothing to do with immigration enforcement.

He was not specific about jobs his troops would or would not perform or how he would distinguish between immigration-related work and going after criminal gangs and drug and gun smugglers.
Source: DailyMail

In other words, he’s OK with Washington sending the National Guard, so long as they don’t address security, directly or indirectly.

Even though it isn’t within State powers to infringe on either the LAWS or the ENFORCEMENT of immigration.

This is going to get colorful. Who do you think is going to blink first?

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