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What If A Christian Pastor Said, ‘Our Brothers Use Baseball Bats and Belts To Beat Their Wives?’

This religious guy is scolding people for using their wives as a punching bag, will Feminsts hold a parade in his honor?

He has a strong rebuke and simple message for men who share his religion… stop beating up your wives!

If he was a Christian man, this would be front page news and would be the lead story on all the evening shows. We’d be talking about the secret sin of Christian men, or secret shame of Christian women.

He is not a Christian man. He is an Imam. And what he is saying is huge news for those who are concerned about women’s rights and safety.

Imam Ahmed Shehab, of Toronto, wrote an article saying that there is a really big problem with men who claim to be Muslim beating the hell out of their wives.

He claims it is driving their wives away from Islam, and into the arms of, for example, Christianity, and the Jewish religion.

While some would allege that domestic violence is intrinsic and acceptable by Mohammed’s teaching, Shehab does not.

But he acknowledges it is commonplace, even here in the so-called civilized nations in the West.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you. Welcome to another episode of “On the Go” with today’s terrible story. A person called me saying that his wife wants to leave Islam and become Christian.

So I told: Well, there’s lots of goodness in the Christian people and Allah doesn’t need us and Islam is not short of numbers.

But basically while you’re saying that, – are you a person who’s treating her good? Are you a person who was really taking care of her? Most likely you are a person who pushed her to that, a person who are bullying her and beating her up, where we forgot what the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessing be upon him, said: Be gentle, be delicate with the vase, the lady, means a vase, and the vase you put something beautiful like roses. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessing be upon him, said: You are indeed generous when your are generous with them.

So therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, we have to realize that some of these tools of bullying, some of our brothers that are using as a baseball bat or a stick or a belt to whip his wife or using her as a punching bag, and then later you say that she’s going to leave Islam. Well, you left humanity and you left the Islamic ethics when you’re treating her like that.

And there’s so much of goodness in the Christian ethics and so much of goodness in Judaism ethics and so much of goodness in the Christian and Muslim ethics, but when we strip ourselves out of these ethics we should no longer wonder if your spouse is leaving whatever she is leaving, because you pushed her to that. You stripped her of her humanity and integrity.

So therefore, we have to realize that we are not innocent when it comes to a person backfiring or a person really doing things that super weird or super strange or something not normal for us to hear or something for us we think it’s a big deal that, you know, somebody no longer practicing Islam. Well, we see some of our brothers and sisters, there are praying May Allah help us to pray and to practice our prayers, May Allah help us to pray and to practice our Islamic ethics.

But when you see a person who’s really praying but totally against the ethics and the teaching of Islam, then wonder no longer that the other half of you really backfiring and turning into person that me and you never expected to hear things from them or certain moves from them.

So therefore just stop pointing the finger at her and remember when you’re using the stick when you’re bullying when you’re beating up your wife and you are using her as a punching bag and cursing her and degrading her, realize that there is a price for that. And there is Allah Glorified and Exalted be He, is watching us. So watch yourself, may Allah help us to deal in a good manners. Another episode of On the Go. May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Source: ACDemocracy

The guy brings up an important question.

Is the suppression of uncomfortable ideas in society putting innocent people at risk?

This guy — an Imam — could hardly be called an enemy of Islam. But he sees a probem that needs fixing, even here in the ‘civilized West’.

Does the ‘anti-hate’ crackdown on even the mildest criticisms of Islam keep us from talking about important issues within Islam that really need discussing?

Are the censors — and people like Linda Sarsour who pooh-poohs every claim about Domestic violence within Islam actually anti-woman’s rights?

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