Teen Girls Arrested For Sharing Their 16yr Old ‘Friend’s’ Sex Tape On Social Media – And It Gets Weirder

Published on April 16, 2018

Sadly, it’s no longer common sense for girls to ‘not make sex tapes’.

For too many, it’s become ‘normal’. A rite of passage, or even a shortcut to fame and fortune.

After all, it ‘worked out’ for Kim Kardashian, right? Look no further than headlines like this one: “10 Years Ago, Kim Kardashian Turned a Sex Tape Into a Business Empire”

Maybe it’s that. Maybe it’s because in the post-Clinton era, with Tinder, booty-calls and friends-with-benefits, sexuality isn’t viewed as any more ‘intimate’ than a handshake.

We’ve reported stories about Millenials in one-night-stands that didn’t want to ‘complicate’ things by dating, too.

Is it any wonder kids are messed up?

A sixteen-year-old and her boyfriend ‘got busy’ on camera. She agreed to have it filmed. She did not agree to have it distributed. But of course, her lack of consent wasn’t enough to stop it.

Pro-tip, Clash reader, if you ever make a tape like this one, assume it’s getting out to the public. That rule might be different within a marriage, or not, but in a more casual relationship, you never know what will happen if the relationship goes sour, or someone starts bragging about conquests.

Who leaked it to the public? Some other teenage girls… her supposed ‘friends’.

They shared it on social media. Of course they did. (This is the kind of public humiliation that victims have committed suicide over. ‘Revenge porn’ also lands people in jail. Don’t do it.)

But they shared it with someone else, too.

They sent it to her mom and dad.

Her ex allegedly gave the video to the three teenagers. without her consent, and began sharing the clip on social media, which went viral.

According to the Laredo Morning Times, Ollervides told police that she had sent the video to the victim via cellphone. She then sent the video to Vasquez and to Medellin.

Medellin was then allegedly instructed by Ollervides to send the video to the 16-year-old’s mother.

Court records show that Ollervides and Medellin were arrested on Wednesday and subsequently released on bond. Vasquez was arrested on Thursday and was released after posting bond.

According to KGNS-TV, there is one more arrest pending in the case.
Source: DailyMail

Let’s hope the ‘pending arrest’ is the BF who shared it in the first place, without consent.

The moral of the story?

In light of our cultural hostility toward virginity, even among twenty-something professional cheerleaders — maybe it’s too much to ask that people be — at the minimum — a little more selective about who they invite into their beds. It might be too much to tell people to respect themselves more than they do.

If that’s too big a jump for people, at least think twice before ‘doing the deed’ on camera.

Because — as this poor girl figured out the hard way — you can’t un-share social media.

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