Clash Poll: Trump Calls Comey A ‘Slime Ball’ Who Should Be ‘Prosecuted’ – Do You Agree?

Published on April 13, 2018

How did Comey go from being the Left’s Public Enemy #1 to their darling?


He did it by becoming a means to an end in the left’s endless #Resistance power grab.

He helped tee up the Mueller investigation. Who cares if he probably broke the law to do it?

Just like that, suddenly, all was forgiven.

Ever since then, he’s been playing the complicit Media(D) like a harp.

Because that’s how you sell books these days, and obviously, there is money to be made.

That ‘higher loyalty’ he is talking about wasn’t any Oath of Office. It wasn’t about his patriotism. His ‘higher loyalty’ is the loyalty of any mercenary — loyalty to the highest bidder.

One can easily imagine him asking, “Dammit, if that nasty troll Wolff can sell copies slandering Trump, then why can’t I?”

Even Chris Wallace has said Comey comes off sounding ‘bitchy’.

How has Trump responded?

Loretta Lynch has called him a liar.

There appear to be contradictions in his testimony. You can ask General Flynn how the FBI’s response to that worked out for him.

How desperate his he to sell books and slander Trump? (Not necessarily in that order.) He’s talking up those discredited ‘pee tapes’ again, as though they were ‘credible’.

Does that say slimeball to you? Or is he just telling what the Left would doubtlessly defend as ‘his truth’?

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