Joy Behar Thinks Kim Jong Un Is More Sane Than Trump

Published on April 13, 2018

But what do you really expect from the show that defended Roman Polanski’s abuse of a teenage girl?

Say what you will about the batty chicks on the View, at least they’re consistent.

There is literally no alliance they won’t make in their attacks on the American Right, generally, and Trump in particular.

This time, Joy Behar is cuddling up to Little Rocket Man, Top Prison Guard in the Prison camp they call North Korea. Think that’s too harsh?

The political prisons in North Korea are, quote, “as terrible or even worse than Nazi concentration camps.” That’s from someone who knows firsthand. Thomas Buergenthal survived Auschwitz and another camp as a child. Buergenthal co-authored a report out this past week for the International Bar Association on conditions in those prisons. It found plenty of evidence to charge North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for crimes against humanity.

Source: NPR

Here she goes. Watch McCain desperately try to be the voice of reason in reply. Naturally, her answer falls on deaf ears.

She is ‘depending’ on Putin’s ‘sanity’ too.

How Bat-Crap Crazy do you have to be to cheer for two guys who have used nerve gas to kill their political rivals against the duly-elected American President who is actually NARROWING the scope of his Executive Powers so they realign with the boundaries set by the Constitution?

Where was this pearl-clutching when Obama was dropping bombs here, there and everywhere? When he was in the news for ordering drone strikes on US Citizens? Even the hard left ‘Vox‘ called Obama out on that.

But Trump? With his reinstating of religious freedoms, and his abiding by the limits of the Constitution? He must be a real monster.


Are we asking her to shut up? Hell no! It’s only their side that wants dissent silenced.

Frankly, it’s been said before, but bears repeating:

Crap like this is WHY Trump won.

Keep it up, and you’ll help him repeat.

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