Dear Christian, Whoever Sold You A Pain Free Jesus Lied To You

Written by Doug Giles on April 6, 2018

Sorry, to break it to you. Some of you have been sold a bill of goods, but it’s not all bad news.

It’s a little like the guy in a Foxhole wondering why someone might possibly shooting at him when he thought he was just signing up for a few years of free school, and a kickass gym membership.

Seriously — it isn’t exactly hidden in the fine print. Didn’t you read the brochure?

The Christian life is like that. Some people might pitch it as a sunshine-and-lollypops easy street life. Sort of a Six-Flags-Over-The-Kingdom-Of-God.

Then you wake up Monday morning and the real world is still filled with the same snakepits and cesspools it had before the Gospel hit you.

In fact, some of us here TODAY have personally known Martyrs for the gospel.

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That not quite the happy-clappy story about the overcoming life you might see on Christian TV, is it?

But don’t worry, Skippy. There’s an upside to life’s dark places.

Our faith is big enough to include suffering in its understanding of the world. There are a few ways we find ourselves there. Some of it our own dumb choices, some of it just comes from being smashed in the face with the blunt end of life’s metaphorical pool cue.

But the good news IS the Good News. There’s a Biblical understanding of — and response to — our suffering.

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