Illegals In The Human Caravan Personally Threatened Trump – This’ll Get Good, Eh?

Written by K. Walker on April 6, 2018

Can the Mexican government certify that there are no ‘bad hombres’ in that caravan? Nope. And here’s why…

They didn’t bother to vet them.

They did give them permits to travel, though.

The Media (D) seems to have taken a side on ‘Open Borders’, but President Trump is ready to do something about it.

He’s concerned about the mass influx of migrants coming from Central America into Mexico and on into the United States.


President Donald Trump says he’s planning a large-scale deployment of National Guard troops.

Trump told reporters during a question and answer session on Air Force One that the deployment would be comprised of anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 soldiers, making it at least twice the size of an Obama-era task force but far smaller than a similar operation authorized by George W. Bush.

The president said he’ll ‘probably keep them or a large portion of them’ until his the border wall he’s demanding funds for is built.

Source: Daily Mail

And the Media (D) is frantic!

‘It’s unprecedented!’ they say. (Um, no, actually, Obama and Dubya sent the National Guard to the border.)

‘It’s heartless!’ they say.

That’s just one of the symptoms of T.D.S. (Trump Derangement Syndrome) on display.

Why is President Trump sending the National Guard to the border?

Well, let’s see… somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 migrants are making a run for the U.S. border with the assistance of a group called, ‘Pueblo Sin Fronteras’ which means, ‘People Without Borders’ and the Mexican government.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras only assists them as far as Mexico City, but many more will continue on to attempt to cross the U.S. border seeking asylum.

Some of those migrants are taunting President Trump.

Defiant Central American migrants from the sprawling human ‘caravan’ snaking north through Mexico taunted President Trump and vowed to continue their push towards the US – declaring: ‘We’ll see you soon Mr President.’

The migrants told the Daily Mail that the Mexican government hasn’t been ‘breaking up the caravan’ as President Trump had claimed, but is instead issuing 20 or 30-day passes to travel freely in the country and to report to immigration centers near the U.S. border.

The permits were issued without a single question about gang affiliation or criminal behavior.

Some of the migrants made derogatory statements about President Trump.

Because there’s nothing that says, ‘tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free,‘ more than a big middle finger to the President of the country in which you are seeking asylum, amirite?

‘It’s his country, Senor Trump can do what he wants to. He can put as much military on the border as he likes,’ said Jose Acosta, a 35-year-old farmer escaping violence in the Honduran city of Morazán.

But when it comes to it, I will cross the border. I can assure you that I’m going to get into the US, I have faith in God.

His determination was echoed by Salvadoran national Marvin Geovanni Alvarez, 39, who lived illegally in Atlanta, Georgia, for a year before he was deported in 2013, wrenching him away from his wife Daisy, 36, and sons, Marvin, 20, and 18-year Gerardo.

Trump is crazy. He’s racist. The National Guard doesn’t worry me, it’s all bulls***,‘ he told

I’ll be reunited with my family. See you soon Mr President.

Of course, the sob stories from the Media (D) are to help you overlook the fact that these folks ‘yearning to be free’ are coming across the border to have a better life.

But you’d better not say that the violence-plagued countries that they are coming from are sh!tholes, because that would be’ intolerant’ or something.

The Daily Mail speaks of Alvarez’s ‘harrowing’ backstory of being targeted by MS-13 gang members and being stabbed 3 times — including once in the head. He was also threatened with death if he didn’t join them.

Puebla, just south of Mexico City, is where activists will hold a rally Friday and provide free access to immigration lawyers to help them apply for asylum in either Mexico or the US.

The caravan will then officially disband although Irineo Mujica Arzate, the group’s Mexico coordinator, predicted around 20 percent of the migrants could push on unsupervised.

He told the caravan was organized each year to highlight the plight of desperate Central American immigrants – not to storm the US border – and laughed off the idea they were a threat to the American people.

That is ridiculous. It’s worthy of a movie. Only a fraction of those people will actually make it across the border. It’s highly militarized as it is,‘ said Mujica Arzate. ‘

As usual Donald trump plays the politics of fear – the ‘brownies’ are coming to get us. ‘We have 400 women and 300 kids here. They may throw a ball or point a toy gun at someone, that’s about as dangerous as it gets. These people are fleeing the same gangs that Trump is worried about.’

It seems that a portion of the ‘breaking up’ of the caravan was actually assistance to move migrants to the U.S. border faster.

As Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that the caravan was ‘largely broken up’, part of it was being helped to move north far more rapidly.

A fleet of buses arrived at the sports complex offering migrants wanting to travel to Puebla a 400 Mexican pesos ($22) ride.

There were no police or immigration officials present.

Source: Daily Mail

And this is our ally?

Are we sure?

Kinda sounds like President Trump was right about Mexico not ‘sending their best’, right?

I mean, how would they even know if they don’t ask vital questions like gang affiliation or criminal activity?

Look, I get why they want to leave their country — it is dangerous in those places! Perhaps they should fix their *cough*sh!thole*cough countries with corrupt police forces and rampant gang violence.

As for the mocking President Trump…


Good luck with that.

ICE agents have been warning illegal aliens that they’re coming after them.

The raids have begun and have been tremendously successful.

So, even if you do manage to get past the border fence and the National Guard to come in and say, ‘Hola‘ — it won’t be long before you have to say ‘Adios‘.

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