Dear Christians & Conservatives: Please Grow A Pair And Take On Those Trying To Hijack Our Republic

Written by Doug Giles on April 23, 2018

Some things are ‘worth the fight’ and some aren’t. It’s time to decide how you feel about America — the fight has started whether you like it or not.

The promise was that the other side would ‘fundamentally transform America’. It’s one of the few promises they are trying to keep.

Look around, and you might notice they’re pushing with everything they’ve got toward that goal.

Hope you’re ready for a fight.

We’ve got Democrat Senators like Sanders and Booker trying to screen out Trump’s appointees on the grounds that they are ‘too Christian’. (Isn’t a ‘religious test’ explicitly verboten? They don’t care, not if they can get away with it.)

The ‘Resistance’ with Hollywood, teen protesters, the Media(D), Social Media Gatekeepers and the elected Dems and the permanent Bureaucratic class are working together to sabotage outright — and slow down where they can’t destroy — any changes that American voters sent them to Washington to enact.

And come 2018, after all of that stalling and sabotage, they’ll be mocking the Republicans as hapless do-nothings.

You don’t think we can just sit back and let a few elected officials do all the fighting on our behalf, do you? There is a REASON the Left hijacked culture, academia, and a lot of big businesses.

It’s because, for too long, we all sat out for the fighting, or turned our energies in the wrong places.

We need to get bold, we need to get into the fray.

And we need to accept the fact that the others side will land a few hits when we’re mixing it up. That’s part of the fight.

They are EXPECTING us to cower.
They are EXPECTING to win another fight by forfeit.
The one thing they are NOT expecting is to lose ground they’ve already taken.

Do you really think the fighting will get any easier once they get MORE entrenched? Easier if they start eroding MORE of our rights?

Think again:

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