Dear Online Control Freaks: MySpace Never Deleted Posts Or Banned Accounts

Published on April 19, 2018

It wasn’t all that long ago when the Internet was a big, wonderful Wild West of ideas. We never knew how good we had it.

However much we might want to make fun of MySpace as an old, antiquated platform, it had one thing going for it.

You could do whatever the hell you wanted on your own site.

There was no self-appointed committee busybodies, fact-checking of your opinions. There was no ‘de-platforming’.

You could say whatever was on your mind, however profound, or however stupid, and it was yours to say.

If someone didn’t like it, either they said so, or they moved on.

Simple, right? Oh, how good we had it.

Will we ever get back to simplicity like that?

That’s a good question. Looks like it might be a long way off.

In the meantime, remember, those Social Media gurus are filtering what you see and hear. You need to take control of your Newsfeed and support the content that you like. Here’s how to do that.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
by Doug Giles

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What makes America so different from other nations? Other nations are built around regimes or systems. But America was built from on ideas. From a blank slate.

Built on ideas that are DANGEROUS to tyrants.

That we have God-Given Rights, like Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dangerous ideas. Like this one: the people, when threatened, have a God-Given right to stand up in defiance of any government that dares threaten any of those rights.

There’s a men’s version

And a women’s version, too

Because in America, the bros AND the ladies BOTH have a rich history of badass rowdiness.