Dear Road Ragers: If You’re On A Motorcycle Don’t Pick A Fight With A Car – Wicked Video

Published on April 10, 2018

In what possible way did this biker think this could end well for him?

We’ve all had those moments while driving, where the ‘other’ guy is being a jackass, and you would love to just…

Well, whatever it is we’re TEMPTED to do… most of us have the good sense not to do it.

Most of us… but not ALL of us.

Which brings us to the Sarasota road rage story…

Cellphone footage caught a dangerous altercation between a biker and a car.

We can’t see what the driver of the car was doing, but we can see what the guy on the bike is doing.

He’s running his mouth about who-knows-what at the driver of a car.

He’s come up beside the driver, his arms are gesturing wildly, and at one point he appears to hit the car with his fist.

That’s when things go sideways. Literally.

Right after he punches (?) the car, the driver jerks on the wheel and broadsides the bike, sending the biker flying off his bike into the side of the road.

He narrowly missed a tree beside the curb, and he sprang to his feet, flagged down the same car that was filming the incident, and yelled ‘follow him!’

We’re not about to justify slamming a bike broadside with your car, and especially not about to justify leaving the scene of an accident.

But if this guy thinks he had no causal role to play in the train wreck we just watched?

Well, then he’s just not that bright.

Sarasota Police are still looking for the driver of the grey Mazda.

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