Document Dump: Will Ivy League School Be Proven Racist?

Written by Kenn Daily on April 12, 2018

Leftists have blunted thinking capacities. That’s not to say they lack intelligence; rather it’s to emphasize the mind-blocking effect of cultural Marxism. It’s akin to having perfect 20/20 vision while wearing blinders with a tiny, pin-sized peephole for each eye.

What cultural Marxists see through their peepholes are inequity, discrimination, racism, white privilege, microaggressions, bigotry, prejudice, social injustice, homophobia, Islamophobia, gender inequality, and Jimmy Kimmel.

The solution is to remove the blinders. That’s no easy task. But it needs to be done.

Here’s why.

East Asians have, in the aggregate, superior intellects that propel them to the front of most any class anywhere on the planet.

That constitutes inequity as seen through the peephole and registers in the minds of cultural Marxists as anathema.

To alleviate the social injustice, authorities at Harvard University appear to have intentionally given preferential treatment to non-white and non-East Asian students allowing them to advance — not by merit, but by melanocytes.

Peepholes, it appears, produce pinheads.

That resulted in a lawsuit in behalf of East Asians who were allegedly deprived of their civil rights. That, in turn, promises to air Harvard’s dirty laundry in the form of a formula that determines who plays first fiddle in the class room.


Harvard’s “recipe” is going to be made public.

Some of it, at least: A federal judge ordered Harvard to publish a subset of admissions documents at issue in the Asian-discrimination lawsuit filed against the university, The Harvard Crimson reports.

The school will work with the plaintiffs, represented by Students for Fair Admissions, within the next two months to agree on redactions to the previously confidential documents. They will also file an unredacted set under seal with the court.

Judge Allison Burroughs warned both parties not to redact the documents so much they become “incomprehensible” to the public.

The plaintiffs told Burroughs earlier that these documents, which they have seen in full, objectively show that Harvard discriminated against Asian-American applicants for decades. The Trump administration recently said it supports a wide release of documents as well.

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