Here’s Why Gun-Grabbers Depend On Emotion Instead Of Reason

Written by Larry Usoff on April 23, 2018

It should come as no surprise to anyone that reads, that there is a huge controversy about guns in the United States. Now, having said that, how did twenty-seven words, which comprise the Second Amendment to our Constitution, create such a storm? The amendment itself is pretty straight-forward and, to me, doesn’t include or exclude anything in the way of firearms. The amendment, which follows the first one, which gives us the right of free speech, was placed as second because it provides the “teeth” for all the rest of the amendments and the Constitution. As noted, it doesn’t specify any type of firearms. So what’s the problem?

If I may illustrate the problem with a little story…it seems that there was a little boy that was deathly afraid of clowns. At birthday parties he would hide in the closet if there was a clown. He refused to go to the circus when it was in town because of the clowns…it was really an obsession and his parents were at their wit’s end for a solution. Finally, in desperation, they went to a child psychiatrist. His solution was for the boy to watch his mother as she applied clown makeup. The theory being that he would see that it was still his mother and there was nothing to be afraid of. The parents decided to put the plan into action that night.

The boy sat next to his mother while she began putting on the makeup. She first put on the white face, and then the big red nose, and drew the eyebrows and smile and, finally, put on the big orange wig. When she had done all this, with the boy watching all the while…and not uttering a sound, she said she was finished and turned to the boy. He stood up, a look of sheer horror came over his face and he shrieked, “A clown, a clown!” and ran from the room. She was thunderstruck and couldn’t move.

Now you’re wondering how this has anything to do with the Second Amendment (2A), right? It does, and here’s how. The main object of the gun control crowd is the AR-15 rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle and uses magazines. Although variations have used other calibers, it is most often seen in .223/5.56 so we’ll just use that…although it really isn’t the caliber that is SO alarming to the anti-gunners. The “things” that really get the anti-gunners SO perturbed is how the rifle LOOKS. It was developed as a military weapon, but came into the civilian market in a big way. There are a number of accessories that can be added to a basic model and they make it LOOK REALLY SCARY…never mind that it doesn’t alter the rifle’s actions in any way…the looks are what gets the lefties all upset. The very same rifle, in a wooden stock which may or may not extend forward towards the muzzle, is not scary, and so they don’t concern themselves with that, and why is that? The answer is that, on an emotional level, the military style rifle looks scary and the hunting style does not, but again, they are the same rifle.

Continuing on this line of logic, if you are a wannabe dictator, would you rather your enemies be armed or unarmed? If you said armed, you’re not much in the brain department, are you? An armed population will be difficult to control, given the guerilla-style fighting that they would be doing.

So, we’ll assume that you know what you’re doing and then there would be some logical steps to take, right? First, you need to get the guns out of the hands of the people, and you can do this by spreading “the big lie”. It worked for Goebbels it might work for you…but don’t count on it. Another thing you want to do is control the information that the public gets. If they only get what you want them to get, they’ll not know how goes the war. Restrict what they can and cannot hear or say.

One more thing, and this is important, you want as much of the population as possible to be dependent on the government. Give them all the freebies they want, even including illegal aliens, because you are counting on them for votes…if you still allow voting. Once you control the healthcare, the information and, maybe, the firearms, you’re ready to begin the re-population. That’s where you bring in all sorts of people that have only one goal and that is to bring down the United States as a democratic republic and install a dictatorship, or you can call it a caliphate. Either way, if you were once free you’re not now. There is a reason that American children and young adults have been dumbed-down, and perhaps you just read the reason. I hope so.

Parting shot: Keep this in mind as you experience the “news of the day” …are you getting the real story or what they want you to know. When “gun control” is mentioned, what they’re REALLY talking about is COMPLETE control, from womb-to-tomb. Question everything until you’re satisfied that you got the right information. Use logic and not emotions when examining a news report. Last, but certainly not least, never give up your guns, under ANY circumstance. As Jiminy Cricket said, “Let your conscience be your guide.”

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Larry Usoff
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