Stable Genius: Trump Gets Kim Jong-un To Suspend ALL Missile Testing – And There’s More

Written by K. Walker on April 21, 2018

So, Libs, you said President Trump was going to bring on World War III. He’s done just the opposite. How’s that crow tasting?

What else could these liberals be wrong about?

Maybe that he’s an authoritarian dictator that is going to go down as the worst President in history?

Can’t you just hear President Trump saying something like this:

And they do.

In just one year President Trump has tamed the hostile North Korean regime.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in credits President Trump in bringing about inter-Korean peace talks.

Does he deserve the Peace Prize for that?

If he were a Democrat, sure.

But he isn’t.

A stunning announcement was made on Friday that North Korea will suspend all missile tests and close six nuclear test sites.

Kim Jong-un has announced North Korea will suspend all missile tests and plans to close the site where its six previous nuclear tests were conducted ahead of landmark talks with Donald Trump.

Britain cautiously welcomed the announcement that the country is to put a halt to its nuclear testing programme.

In a statement responding to developments overnight, the Foreign Office said it hoped Kim Jong Un’s announcement indicated a willingness to negotiate with world leaders.

Yes, we’ve heard some of this before, and we’ve been duped.

But President Trump isn’ t like other Presidents.

He’s called out Little Rocket Man and said that he’s not afraid of action if necessary.

After all, our button is bigger and it does work.

So do increased sanctions.

Here at ClashDaily and many other patriots love the way that the Trump Administration is handling North Korea.

The left may not get it, but that’s precisely how you handle someone like Kim Jong-un.

President Trump has welcomed the news of the shutting down of the testing.

An unprecedented meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un is coming up later this spring.

The US-North Korea meeting is scheduled for May or June, although no location has been decided plans are continuing apace, with CIA director Mike Pompeo flying to Pyongyang for talks with Kim over the Easter weekend.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is also due to meet the dictator on April 27 at a border truce village for a rare summit focused on nuclear issues.

Source: Daily Mail

South Korea also welcomed the statements, but Japan has concerns that the Kim regime is being disingenuous. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that they will continue their campaign of ‘maximum pressure’ until Pyongyang gives up all of its nuclear weapons.

Time will tell if North Korea is actually giving up the testing or not.

In the meantime, the tougher sanctions will stand until confirmation of the cessation of testing.

And Kim Jong-un still knows who has the bigger nuclear button.

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