The Left & Big Tech Are Trying To Kill Conservative Websites – Here’s How To Fight Back

Written by K. Walker on April 7, 2018

If you want to get ‘fair and balanced’ news, there are powerful forces that want to prevent you from doing just that.

The Left and Big Tech (but I repeat myself) just want you to hear Leftist talking points.

We make no secret here at Clash who we are and what we believe.

If you look at our Clash 411 tab, this is the first thing that you see: is a mosh pit of breaking news, edgy opinion, lots of attitude, and a call to action for God- and country-loving patriots. Yes, loves America’s founding documents and its Judeo-Christian worldview, and we will defend the aforementioned with an unapologetic zeal and an irreverent sense of humor.

And it’s worked for us.

Our with Doug Giles Facebook page has over 1.2 million ‘Likes’.

And we’ve had over 230 Million page views.

That’s thanks to you, ClashDaily Reader.

It must’ve angered the Leftist Social Media gods.

Recently, we’ve noticed a distinct decline in our reach to our audience that has opted-in to see our posts on social media.

If you’ve been reading Clash for any length of time, you know that we cite our sources, and report stories that not everyone thinks are newsworthy.

Remember, it’s not just how the news is reported, but what they choose to cover.

The Media (D) refused to report on Obama’s many, many scandals and his vast executive overreach.

But ClashDaily covered that extensively.

Perhaps it’s because we’re holding the leftists’ feet to the fire that ‘Big Tech’ has gone after our reach and our advertisers.

We’re not shy about our opinion, but we still let you decide.

We think that’s the way it should be.

We’re not the ones trying to silence anyone.

Maybe it’s our stubborn streak — what we call over here our ‘Clashitude’ — but we don’t think that a private company should be telling you what your Newsfeed should look like.

Many people use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as a source of news. Instead of one source, you can see many different perspectives and make informed decisions.

As we’ve learned, however, the Left and Big Tech want to make sure that you get the ‘correct’ worldview — theirs.

Let’ face it, the way that Facebook and Google have handled your information, it makes it hard to trust them that they have your best interests at heart.

Frankly, Google has made it clear that they’re not too keen on Christians.

Or people that question the current ‘progressive’ views as we saw in the firing of James Damore who just wrote a memo.

You need to take control of your Facebook Newsfeed.

Here are the steps:

  1. Like our page. Here it is so you can do that right now. 
  2. In your Newsfeed, hover over Following and select See First.
  3. Comment on our posts. If you like our content, let us know! Interacting with our posts ensures that you see our content.
  4. Share our posts with your friends.
  5. Bookmark our website and check back often. We post new articles daily.
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But that’s not all that you need to do.

Conservative sites need your help.

We need your help.

If you like our ‘Clashified’ take on news, current events, and crappy culture — we need your help to keep bringing it to you.

This isn’t a one-man show over here.

Clash has a team of Editors and contributors that bring you the content that you enjoy.

You can help us keep this going and keep the Leftists accountable by donating now.

Thank you, Clash Reader!

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