Look Who Hillary’s Blaming Now For Her Epic Loss In 2016

Written by K. Walker on April 4, 2018

That list of scapegoats keeps getting longer every time she opens her mouth.

She adds a new name to the list. And judging by the addition at the end, she must be watching the news.

We do notice she hasn’t blamed ‘short-circuiting’, Pneumonia, being thrown into a van like a side of beef, her lying, not going to Wisconsin, or ANY of her dubious legal practices in that list.

Because THOSE things would make it look like SHE was somehow responsible for her loss. And if she’s responsible for it, then she’s not a victim.

And how does anyone on the left expect to get ANYWHERE without first being a victim or special class?

“[E]very day that goes by there’s more evidence and more proof of Russia and fake news and Cambridge Analytica and misogyny and sexism,” she said. “I mean it’s hard, it’s very hard.”

She said the “lock her up” chants that Trump led during the election and other protests around her were signs of misogyny.
Source: WashingtonExaminer

She pissed and moaned that someone had made a picture of Trump holding HER severed head.

Apparently, she can’t figure out the difference between super-heated campaign rhetoric (which she had her own role in cranking up) and depicting a SITTING President in that way. It isn’t as though four of our 45 Presidents were murdered while in office, or anything? Or that Scalese was still recovering in hospital when Griffin pulled that stunt, right?

She complained that the Russians stole her emails.

Maybe she should have been more careful with her data security, and should not have clicked on any phishing emails.

And if she’s going to blame Comey, she should be sure to look back at what he called the ‘triggering event’ for why Comey went rogue. That tarmac meeting.

But there’s a new addition to the list.

Clinton also dinged the NRA.

“You know the NRA has spent more money on me than any other candidate,” she said. “We’ll find out if any of that was Russian money.”

Is she so Certain she wants to open up a question about ‘Russian Money’?

That could lead her to places she does not wish to go.

In fact, that topic is one of the few that has a fair chance of actually leading to that orange jumpsuit her critics keep talking about.

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