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News Clash

Milo Gets Forced Out Of Restaurant By Angry Mob For Being Milo

If Republicans did this, they’d call it an attack on LGBT. But Leftist ‘tolerance’ plays by different rules.

A Gizmodo reporter was part of this disgraceful behavior.

Milo is many things…

A provocateur? Sure.

A colossal Troll? Absolutely.

The Left’s favorite target of their rage?

Well, he’s up there among their favorites to be sure.

Let’s recap why they hate him.

He’s an intelligent, photogenic gay man with a rapier wit. But worse that that, he has an almost uncanny ability to take personal attacks and spins them into gold.

Oh. And he’s an unapologetic Trump Supporter.

He was the ‘reason’ angry mobs burned down Berkeley, the University that fought the good fight on free speech… once upon a time. It was his very presence that frightened the mobs.

Indoctrinated students might accidentally hear something other than some shmuck with a megaphone and a Che shirt shouting ‘socialism is awesome’.

Milo encountered a bit of hostility when he entered ‘their’ territory in New York with the man he married. (As you read further, keep in mind that the man Milo married is Black. It’s pretty relevant to the story.)

“My first thought was John and not getting myself hurt or killed. I don’t know how I’d explain to my black husband that I got hurt for being a ‘white supremacist'”

Here at Clash, we’re all for robust disagreement, it’s built right into the name.

But there is nothing honorable in ostracizing people you don’t like, become dangerously hostile, whipping up a mob, or politicizing a business whose only interest is in selling as many meals or drinks as they can to as many people as will come to buy them.

It’s not enough for this crowd to ENJOY a restaraunt or bar that someone was kind enough to build and run. Now they think they can POLICE who does and does not enter it, too? If you want a private club, build one. Have memberships if you want. Make membership to the Democratic Party mandatory, if you think that’s a good business model.

But don’t turn public restaraunts into some weird upscale gangland turf war.

If retired Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards visited some restaraunt in a Red State only to be driven out by an angry mob for having thoroughly rephrehensible ideas, it would be horrible headline news. As it should be.

Because we used to understand as Americans that there is more to us than our Politics. We used to be Americans first.

Let the ideas fly, but let it be about ideas. Not personal attacks whose only goal is to shut the other side up.

For all their pretense of being compassionate and caring, these leftists have embraced the tactics of the bullies. Anyone who dares disagree with them must pay a price.

Trump’s election must be sabotaged by Comey and Mueller.

Laura Ingraham’s show ‘must’ be boycotted.

Decorated Army Chaplains ‘must’ be punished:
Army Chaplain To Be Punished For His Religious Convictions

Shania said something nice about Trump. Wring an apology out of her. Who cares if she’s Canadian and couldn’t vote either way.

There is no room for civility in our disagreement. It’s all or nothing.

They expect us to submit or be destroyed.

We’ve got cojones, and we are taking the third option, instead, thanks:
Dear Christians & Conservatives: Please Grow A Pair And Take On Those Trying To Hijack Our Republic

How about you?

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