My Pillow Bro Backs Laura Ingraham – That’s A Big Reason To Buy A ‘My Pillow!’

Published on April 4, 2018


In a world were so many people are ‘playing it safe’, this guy’s got some stones!

That’s worth celebrating!

It’s worth REALLY cheering because he is standing up to bullies, and leading by example. He’s putting his own neck on the line in the process.

Douglas school shooter, David Hogg didn’t HAVE to become a ‘public figure’. But he chose to. He liked the perks that came with it. The fame. The big platform.

But as anyone who jumps in with the big dawgs at such a young age can tell you, it’s sink or swim. If you make yourself a public figure, you will get called on the carpet if you use that notoriety to make an ass of yourself.

And Laura Ingraham did exactly that. But David changed the rules of engagement. Like the kid who taunts a bigger kid, and then whines ‘you wouldn’t hit someone with glasses, would you’?

Only, instead of hiding behind a teacher’s skirt, Hogg hid behind a network of hard-left activists that have been seething with rage since roughly November 2016. And they mobilized a boycott.

So the campaign to bully Laura’s sponsors into abandoning her, to force Fox to remove her from the air began in earnest.

Sponsors fell like flies. The left’s bullying-by-proxy worked.

The same people who cry about phantom threats to the freedom of the press are becoming literal thought police, actively seeking to destroy those who dare to dissent from their views.

But ‘My Pillow’ isn’t so easily intimidated.

It’s called ‘courage’. It used to be a defining characteristic of America.

He was also an early supporter of then-candidate Trump, and has made a business practice of using suppliers based in the United States.

“And I’m very proud that every part, even the cotton is grown in the USA,” Lindell told President Trump and a group of business leaders last July when they visited the White House.

“I actually bought a couple of pillows and they’re very good,” Trump said back in July.
“The president shook my hand and told me, ‘You are doing a great job, Michael.’ He also said he is sleeping great on his MyPillow,” Lindell told the Daily News. “I told him, ‘People come up to me all the time to tell me what a great job you are doing and that you are in their prayers. It was an honor to be at Mar-a-Lago on Easter weekend.”
Source: DailyCaller