Student Gov Votes Against U.S. Flag Proposal Unless It Also Includes Gay Flag

Written by K. Walker on April 19, 2018

Because, well, because it’s 2018, and there’s a culture war being fought. (Whether you like it or not.)

Does anyone still remember when people went to school to actually learn how to grapple with complex ideas they disagreed with? Or even, more recently, when they went to learn a skill?

Now schools seem to be single-mindedly elevating political activism to the status of Cult Membership.

Outsiders are to be shunned and shamed. The cause must be advanced at all costs.

Let’s slow down and figure out where they went wrong in Michigan State.

The Michigan State University student government recently shot down a proposal to install more U.S. flags on campus, arguing that Old Glory lacks inclusivity.

The bill was introduced by MSU student senator Sergei Kelly, and would have added five flagpoles displaying both the American and Spartan flags at a cost of $12,000.
Source: Campus Reform

It’s not like the proposal went off half-cocked, either. There was data, there were surveys. All the sort of thing you would expect in a serious initiative that requires a fairly significant investment.

The students who spearheaded the bill also conducted digital surveys to gauge the student body’s perception of American flags prior to formally introducing the measure, finding robust support for the idea.

According to the results of the poll, 67.3 percent of respondents said that they have a “positive” or “very positive” perception of the American flag, with 59.6 percent agreeing that the flag “represents all people in America.”

Similarly, when asked about the value of the U.S. flag, 72.1 percent said that the flag is “important” or “very important” to them.
Source: Campus Reform

The opponents complained that it wasn’t ‘inclusive’ enough to include the School Flag and Old Glory.

No. They needed to include the Rainbow flag, too.

Maybe they need a crash course in what ‘inclusive’ actually means. You’d think they would understand that word by the time they hit college.

Nope, only the Orwellian spin.

What’s not inclusive about the flags? First the school flag. If you live on campus, it’s because you have a connection to the school. There is no political or partisan bias there. It is identifying universal common ground.

In the same way, the US Flag is the ultimate expression of unity, except for those who would rather fragment the nation by setting one group against another.

Name one other nation in the world that was gathered together, not by nationality, but by common ideas?

Have you all forgotten ‘E Pluribus Unum’?

Have your ‘intersectional’ mentors taught you to loathe the very thing which propelled American Exceptionalism? And if they have, was it to make life better, or to carve America into neat little interest groups that can be easily manipulated in support of a political movement by would-be power brokers?

The Rainbow Flag wasn’t added to make things more inclusive than the first two flags. It couldn’t possibly do so. It stopped being about mere ‘acceptance’ a long time ago. Just ask the Cakemaker that had to go to the Supreme Court.

It was really added to project a specific ideological dominance.

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