Watch: Bro Stops Charging Elephant And Saves Newlyweds From Getting Crushed

Published on April 14, 2018

This safari guy makes saving a life look as simple as hailing a cab.

He was holding a rifle, but his most powerful weapon was his mind. He understood the animal he was facing. And, contrary to the assumptions of those who hate hunters, he wasn’t going to kill an animal ‘just because’.

Not even when there was danger involved. Not when he knew a better way.

So, what did Dean Oellofse do, when an elephant charged at some newlyweds?

He raised his hand.

Telling it, essentially, ‘Stop’.

Could you have handled that? Or would you have freaked out and either run away or reached immediately for the gun?

Not this guy. He had the swagger of someone who knows what he is doing.

a New Zealand couple went on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ safari tour as part of their honeymoon.

The pair set off from The Outpost Lodge in the northern part of Kruger National Park with two guides, Dean Oellofse and Phanny Risimati, on the last day of the trip last Monday.

After a 90-minute walk, the group came upon a large bull elephant on a hill, but as they stopped to admire the beast – it charged at them.

Dramatic video footage filmed by Ms Shi shows the raging animal running towards them as they stand hiding behind a tree.

In the right corner of the video Mr Oellofse can be seen stepping out, raising his hand an yelling something in Afrikaans at the elephant.

Amazingly, as if somehow understanding Mr Oellofse’s command, the bull elephant stops in its tracks.

Mr Larsen said the elephant tried coming at them a total of three times, and every time, Mr Oellofse’s calm and firm communication with the animal made it rethink.

‘We’d been very lucky on our first walking safari soon after we arrived when we saw lion, leopard and hyena and found it so exhilarating that we wanted to do it again on our last day,’ Mr Larsen explains.

‘But we could never have imagined how it would turn out. Fortunately the guides had drilled it into our heads that if anything happens, don’t run, don’t run!
Source: DailyMail

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