Watch: City Bans Company From Flying Military Flags – Unbelievable

And that’s just the beginning. Check out what this city employee said to a veteran! Unreal.

You know how they say that ‘power corrupts’?

This is the problem with all of these little, ridiculous laws that allows a whole host of people to wield a little power over others.

A Jacksonville city inspector, Melinda Power, issued a citation to Jaguar Power Sport for flying military flags on the roof of their building against a city ordinance.

Well, isn’t that an interesting last name for someone wielding her authority like a club?

But it didn’t just end with that piece of craziness — this same city inspector confronted a veteran that took three bullets to the leg and said, ‘You’ve done nothing for this country.’

There was surveillance video of the incident.

By the way, she did this with her manager in the store with her.

Watch this viral video:

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Posted by Jaguar Power Sports on Monday, April 16, 2018

It appears that the man filming the video is the same person that was behind the counter during the confrontation with the customer.

The situation has been resolved:

The mayor weighed in.

And now there’s an investigation.

Good luck keeping your job, chickie.

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