WATCH: Diamond & Silk Square Off With Sheila Jackson Lee – And It Gets Ugly

Published on April 27, 2018

Sheila has been known to throw her weight around. But these two don’t intimidate so easily.

When Sheila Jackson Lee took time to question Diamond and Silk (given names Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) at a Congressional hearing, you could tell from the beginning that she was going to be hostile.

Well, once she finally turned her attention to the task at hand, that is.

Becuase of their public statements about Facebook deeming them ‘unsafe’, they were of interest to the national conversation.

Don’t expect the Democrats were going to play nice, however. It’s in their interest to discredit them. Having a couple of articulate and engaging ‘women of color’ with a following of over a million people publicly trashing the Democrats isn’t exactly good for their chances in 2018, is it?

That is doubly true now that Kanye has blown a huge hole in the ‘we’re the only party black people can vote for’ narrative.

SJH began by entering a couple of articles where Diamond and Silk let fly on various leftists.

1) Diamond and Silk Crash Hillary’s Race-baiting. She is not our slave master.

2) Diamond and Silk Criticize Michelle Obama

3) A message for Oprah

If her questioning sounds hostile, rather than like she’s ‘fact finding’ maybe that could serve as a clue to ‘why’.

First blood in this exchange seems to go to Sheila.

When asked if they had ever received money (even $5 dollars, even $100 dollars, even $1,274.94) they flatly said ‘no’.

That line of questioning began at the 2:58 mark.

Now according to the Daily Caller, that number is significant, because it was not pulled randomly out of the air.

Jackson Lee asked again if the figure, “$1,274.94,” meant anything, to which the ladies again responded they had never been paid by the Trump campaign.

The Trump campaign’s official FEC filing shows that they did in fact pay the women for “Field Consulting” in November 2016.
Source: DailyCaller

Some are calling this Perjury. Before we fire up the internet outrage machine, that’s not exactly clear. Even someone with strong partisan leanings AGAINST THEM is holding their fire on this one.

Hard-left site ‘Slate’ is cutting them some slack in their reporting.

Later, New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries pointed to FEC records that showed the campaign had paid them $1,274.94 for “field consulting.” He reminded them that they would be committing perjury if they lied under oath.

Silk, whose real name is Rochelle Richardson, responded, “We’re familiar with that particular lie. We could see that you do look at fake news.”

She then went on to claim that the payment was actually a reimbursement for plane tickets they purchased to fly to a Women for Trump event in Ohio and suggested that the campaign may have made a mistake in their FEC filings.
Source: Slate


After Sheila pressed that first point, she tried to catch them in a lie about dates and times in their public statements about contact between themselves and Facebook.

The ladies were having none of it.

That exchange heats up at the 3:30 mark.

By the end of that round, Shiela is left looking like a chump who doesn’t even know how to use a calendar correctly.

As a little bonus, we get to see Shiela’s colossal arrogance in action. She shows contempt for the Chair when she explicitly ignores his instructions that her time has expired, and she keeps right on asking questions anyway. The huffy “don’t they know who I am” isn’t actually said out loud, only implied in her ignoring of due process and authority.

If that surprises you, then you’ve forgotten about this story:
Gnarly Political Hack, Shelia Jackson Lee, Believes She’s ‘A Queen’ Who Deserves 1st Class Treatment

The only rules Radicals care about, apparently, are Alinsky’s.


What do you make of all this?

Were they caught in a lie?

Or was this just a Democrat smear against two black women who dared support the wrong party?’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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What makes America so different from other nations? Other nations are built around regimes or systems. But America was built from on ideas. From a blank slate.

Built on ideas that are DANGEROUS to tyrants.

That we have God-Given Rights, like Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dangerous ideas. Like this one: the people, when threatened, have a God-Given right to stand up in defiance of any government that dares threaten any of those rights.

There’s a men’s version

And a women’s version, too

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